1. Philly has a really good front 4…. Dallas has a really good front 7

  2. The Philadelphia Eagles won a Superbowl not realizing their full potential keep in mind? The Philadelphia Eagles under staff buy five or six starters now they have Darren Sproles back Carson wentz's back the starting middle linebacker Michael is back this football team is and will be a problem for the NFC East this team is not a fluke anytime you are missing five starters and you go out and add more talent and bring back those starters. Look at what Carson and Nick have to get first downs against in practice and look at what the first team defense has to stop from getting first downs in practice. Now look at dak in practice has to get first downs against. Now just think about that!! It's over!! We all we got we all we need. Eagles!!

  3. Your a nut phili d line took no off days

  4. The play in the Vikings game was, imo, not the players fault. Its a bad scheme. What chance does the te really have trying to block barnett when he has to come all the way across the line. Zimmer just didn't put him in a position to be successful. Its a lot of ground to cover just to get there, let alone get there, square up and get his feet set.

  5. Damn that's a bad beat Law!!!

  6. Take away Fletcher Coxs and their defense will fall apart

  7. This team is in somewhat a rebuilding mode. Not enough money to go out and get a vet.

  8. What dallas gonna do with the eagles offense

  9. Schwartz is better than Marinelli sorry.

  10. Birds have THE BEST DLINE IN THE LEAGUE! Forget Sacksonville and def forget Dallas.

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