1. Beasley with too much sauce.

  2. I am Soo happy for him👍👍👍👍

  3. We need to add a guitar and a soulful solo Mr. Beasley.- Boys are molding into something special

  4. Haha ,a well deserved CB tribute!

  5. Hey Law, what’s your take on Amari Cooper being shopped? Should the boys take a chance on him?

  6. Law Nation when Romo was replacement Dakota Prescott. Now it’s LVE, Pro Football Focus rank No.2 inside LB in the league. Draft pick Cowboys Nation upset . Seriously wrong on LVE! Front office got it Right.

  7. Law are you going to the Redskins game?

  8. What do you think we will do with LVE when sean lee gets back?

  9. Law I think we can say once #50 gets back that we have a defense!

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