1. Idk if I'm rooting for a playoff spot this year. I want Garrett gone!

  2. Until we get some players that’s hungry or a new coach we’ll just be a tease. 13-3 14-2 don’t mean shit if u losing in the first round.

  3. I wanna have hope I swear I do but I’m tired of getting let down

  4. I like the background law

  5. I remember the same thing happening in the early 90's and guess what happened? 3 superbowls! !!!

  6. yess' sir every body hatin on' Cowboys' Super Bowl Bound baby ..Michael gallup goin to be a Beast..luv your show Law..

  7. Start the fight then win the fight!

  8. No offense but I could only stomach half of this before I turned you off. I'm 59 years old and I go back to the 60s concerning the cowboys. As I will continue to believe is what matters most for the success of this team. True you need capable players but this team's only hope is a capable coaching staff. Tom Laundry and Jimmy Johnson was the success of our super bowl wins and appearances. C-mon Cowboys fans! Do you really think that 23 YEARS is a coincidence??? You guys can hope all you want for each year but more than likely each year you're going to get the same results. What's the answer! When Jerry hire a competent coaching staff with the full authority to get the best that a coach can get out of ANY player.Other than that keep hope alive, I mean even a blind squirrel finds a nut 🥜 sooner or later 🤔

  9. Law your looking at the offense Zeke and Dak stepping up being leaders. I get it but all I'm saying is watch our defense. Watch how much more aggressive our secondary will be. Watch our LB's fly to the ball. Our front 4 dig in. I'm telling you Law Doomsday is back and that's how we get to the big dance. GO Cboys

  10. no more excuses it's time law💯✌

  11. I'm feeling a Dynasty brewing.

  12. I still can't believe the stupid eagles won the super bowl

  13. we need to keep that trophy in the NFC East

  14. Goat🐐pin this if u know u a goat

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