1. Don't forget the fact that for there to be a trade for Thomas Dallas would have to have him verbally agree to a long term deal and then the trade. I think it might happen but how many young players will we lose because of it in the future.

  2. I know this is Woulda, Shoulda, Coulda but if it took these three picks to move up 2-3 spots for Derwin James I'd have done it. My point is I don't think any of us would ever even think about these guys if we drafted Derwin James.
    4 (137) Dalton Schultz – Could have been cut, debatable he should have been cut. Nobody would take him off the PS. I would have kept Darius over him.
    5 (171) Mike White – I'm thinking practice Squad.
    6 (193) Chris Covington

  3. I feel like the Cowboys went after Earl, but decided not to pay double the price for him, as far as a high pick and the contract. As much as I hate to say this… I feel like Dak is our biggest question mark on the team. Can he be what we all hope him to be? That is going to be the difference of this team. Every team has sub par talent that starts, but the biggest difference will be the QB situation. Mark my words. Go Cowboys

  4. That bears game was in 2014 Law, but we get your point

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