1. I don't want Zeke getting hurt anymore.He needs blockers, protection.

  2. What's Up Law Nation?

  3. No I don't think the rest of the team can Win without Dak and Zeke.

  4. The 'UGLY DUCKLINGS'will shock the N.F.L.playoff world,goooo!Cowboys,goπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


  6. Let Dak play, he could get hurt and force the cowboys to search for a QB worth developing. Fire Scott & Garrett

  7. Rest Zeke, but Dak needs as many snaps as possible. Dude needs to work on his accuracy

  8. Rest Zeke he has carried this offense the entire season, play Dak 3/4 he needs the reps that's for sure… fire Jason Garrett

  9. I want Jason garret calling plays in the playoffs take all power away from linihan

  10. If they can't beat the Giants after they got rid of Snap Johnson along with Collins being out I am done with the Garrett regime. A chance to win the division and they scored 13 points in two games?

  11. I want Philly instead of the Hawks in the wildcard. Garrett doesn't do well vs unfamiiar teams. 44-40 ? He is far out classed all the time by better coaches. Garrett is a shoemaker to be kind. He never makes changes in a game that change their situation. Ugly losses to Denver, Carolina and the Colts in recent years showed how he is easily out coached. Only a fumble by Carr prevented a terrible loss to 4-12 Oakland? They lose to Ny badly and this team will be done by halftime vs the Hawks. They will get trampled. Expect Garrett to do poorly because he has for years.

  12. I hate to admit but as hard as we are on Dak remember Romo folded or disappeared in playoffs look at film and his stats

  13. Garrett has done well vs the east with 9 wins in the last 11 contest . Dallas' defense have held down the Giant offense very well since the 16 season and that has to continue. They can't just turn it on and say its the playoffs. Play Elliott and gain confidence in your team. Show some pride and beat the Giants because they are out to kick your a_s. . They are the nfc east champion and resting players gives you a forfeit. Dallas needs to play 100% all the season. By the way Dallas resting their starters in preseason cost them a loss at Carolina. That loss has Dallas in the 4th seed and not 3rd? It was imbesolic to not play regulars during the preseason when they lost three allpros? Garrett is an idiot along with Linnehan.

  14. If they had dominated Tampa I would say to rest em but I wasn't impressed at all. The defense had some big plays but the cbs were very soft all day. Thats Marenilli through and through. His defenses are very inconsistant. Dak lost two posessions with the big plays by the defense but they should've had at;east over 300 yds vs that poor defense. They scored 13 points? lol I want Elliott to play as well as Dak. This team needs to wrap up the east with a solid win. God forbid the defense doesn't even show up because if that happens, its over this year. They have held Ny to about two tds the last three games. Thats gotta continue. No excuss sunday, the Giants are without Snap Johnson and the safety Collins. Garrett makes me worry like hell.

  15. They should rest Zeke, Martin, Tyron, and D. Law. Dak needs as many reps as possible

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