1. Hey wassup Law. Very strong feeling about this win. I feel as though if they play a strong solid game and run Zeke off the charts….we 'll be ok! I think Hurns should be our sleeper

  2. James hardens beard must have taken lessons from yours

  3. You got that beard power supreme! Go Cowboys!

  4. Randy Gregory is our game changer imo.. we’ve seen that he can make game breaking plays.. he just has to cut down on his infractions and keep his head in the game

  5. I believe this team will get it done.. Idc what nobody say Dc4l they got this dak can do it he has the arm he can do it i know he can everyone needs chill and realise dak is our qb period so support your qb. Hell he is winning regardless lol

  6. Boyz has da formula 2 win it all. Law, mi only concern iz Scott Linehan pla selections in da Redzone. Yo, Zeke can Get it dun. Linehan da Boyz Killa.

  7. Bro I don't think Sean Lee hurt lol

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