1. as long as we had homo we didnt have anything

  2. your assesment of my team is trash just win baby period

  3. clown 9 and 7 is not a losin season.

  4. The only player I would rest number 21

  5. Law this a stupid idea someone gonna get hurt man rest zak martin rest zeek rest dak an put in cooper so all the haters can see the put rush in talk is bull crap

  6. In tired of praying for dak to get better

  7. It don’t matter whatever Dallas does they will lose to Seattle.

  8. "Jerry Jones says Cowboys will "absolutely" play starters Sun. vs Giants"…You mean the head coach (Garrett) doesn't have a say in that? Any surprise why no self-respecting HC prospect would want to come to Dallas? I wouldn't be surprised to see JJ on the sideline wearing the headset this Sunday – with Garrett holding the cable to keep JJ from tripping over it.

  9. The Cowboys should approach this like a 3rd week preseason. Let the regulars go for about a half. Use that time to get the offense tuned up. Then sit most if not all starters by the 4th quarter.

  10. "For the Cowboys it’s going to come down to Seattle or Minnesota. That’s it. If the Seahawks win, it’s Seattle. If they lose AND the Vikings win, it’s Minnesota. It’s going to be a fun ride."

    Hawks vs cards
    Vikes vs bears
    Depends on if starters are rested and which ones.

    If eagles go to the playoffs instead of vikes, eagles would face the bears.
    I believe.

  11. Merry Christmas pimp!😎

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