1. Dont call him a watchman address him as security guard

  2. I feel bad when she is calling the guy watchman this job is hard I used to be a security Guard standing for 12hrs not ajoke my friends

  3. Why are you talking to a Lawyer in Swahili????Ama mna tuenjoy…

  4. God is faithful from poor to riches

  5. Glory be to God!Never underestimate any human in life.

  6. There are so many people held up in courts around the country with petty offenses. You could camp there and charge a small fee to represent them. A paper isn't enough.

  7. I do rem manager wetu wa Radar Mr.Mwangunga very polite man encouraging man

  8. it's only un knowledgeable person who call them watchman but people who knows the important of security always call them security officer coz they have been train ,congrats my brother just work hard to achieve your goal.

  9. I know what orphans goes through and am going to surprise you soon. God bless you brother

  10. Your dreams will come true God is on your side ?

  11. Big up Esther passaris

  12. I wish you well my brother you will succeed nothing hard in God name just believe you will make it…

  13. Bro May God answer your dreams


  15. then we jail him if he defaults on HELB while giving Nursery drop out MCA's 6 figure salaries.

  16. I also have a lady my classmate ..she is a watch lady at night and a student during the day… I need someone to help her if possible she is undergoing alot

  17. Passaris mungu akubariki…u are a blessing may u live long madam…u will luck in ur entire life…u saved a bread winner to a family that u even don't knw…akifaulu wote wamefaulu…kudos mheshimiwa…baraka

  18. Hard work pays ….

  19. English English law law watchman watchman

  20. Sio watchman, call him security officer.

  21. For me was working in security hotel in a hotel. GOD IS FAITHFUL..
    Know am in Switzerland with good job..don't lose hope

  22. God is Good all the time my bro

  23. Your dreams are valid, brother Moturi. I see you limitless and I know that you gonna get that degree behind you. Good luck!

  24. Yea kazi ni kazi wapendwa wakenya wenzangu.

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