1. If Aliens invaded us and we had to pick one human on this earth to meet with them and make peace im choosing Marshawn.

  2. 4:14 mama in the background got buku yams

  3. Is this really his son ?

  4. Dude! This interaction was chill entertaining.

  5. ?until he gets shot by some coward ass bitch wanna be gangster with a gun and envy in his heart.

  6. “Cus you a scumbag comedian” I just hollered at work!! LMAOOOO

  7. Niggah said im goin to Modesto?? ayy fasho

  8. Nope! I don't know what u talking about ?

  9. "Hell yeah im fonkin wit that nigga fa life" ????

  10. Hes way past the seahawks??

  11. We gotta protect Marshawn Lynch at all cost

  12. lew looks like a pack of fruit strip gum

    no bueno

  13. Dude is corny. Marshawn is way funnier without even trying.

  14. “I’m funkin with that nigga for life” ??

  15. My nigga Marshawn went from, “I’m only here so I don’t get fined” to having his own Production company…. YOU THE MAN MARSHAWN.!!!!! Ain’t no grown ass man tryna answer dumbass questions after a long ass football game, so those interviews you used to give had me falling off the couch laughing ?

  16. "Tom Brady, is Tom Brady of The Bay" facts?

  17. Marshaaaawn wassup man fan from New Zealand

  18. IDK what TF I just watched but Marshawn one funny cool dude

  19. Da way he skirted off on bro inat damn scooter lhhh

  20. Hold on i aint kno Tom Brady was from the bay dats funny af

  21. Cant get fined im 32 nigga lhhhhhhhh BOSS MODE !!!

  22. lol… the bottle or Sriracha

  23. marshawn reminds me of an American bully dog.

  24. they don't act like father and son!

  25. Snoop Dogg training day

  26. Marshawns is a mack.

  27. BEASTMODE TownBIDNESS, One More G? in Oaktown!!!

  28. Damn they hated on Modesto. That's my city.

  29. Damn they hated on Modesto.

  30. Marshawn is so Humorous.

  31. Who the girl though?

  32. Scumbagg comedian this shit funny ima eagles fan

  33. What did I just watch

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