The Patriots vs. Rams Super Bowl that started a dynasty deserves a deep rewind

It’s February 3rd, 2002. The Louisiana Superdome plays host to Super Bowl 36 where the St. Louis Rams and New England Patriots are tied at 17. With seven …


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  1. Rewind barca vs PSG 6-1 the comeback

  2. Super bowl 51 plz

  3. Anyone else find this guys voice annoying to listen to? He talks so slow…

  4. Rewind the Tuck Rule Game.

  5. @SBNation what is the tune that plays @ 10:35?

  6. You have to do the 2007 SB now, unfortunately…

  7. 8:15 : This part confuses me. If they delayed/pushed the season by 1 week after 9/11, then shouldn't the Super Bowl remain on the same date if they remove the off week between the semi finals and the Super Bowl? Why did they have to push the Super Bowl 1 week then?

  8. The New England Patriots should unveil a statue of Mo Lewis outside of Gillette Stadium.

  9. The patriots. The saints eliminated so they could not beat the patriots. Looking forward to Brady getting sacked a lot after losing most of the o line

  10. that's crazy "it would be bostons first win in 15 yeats" … that really changed

  11. Do Damian lillards buzzerbeater in the playoffs vs the rockets

  12. Rams should have won, the greatest show on turf ! @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

  13. 2:£2 did u even watch supervowl 31 or do u just hear everyone blow favre about it?

  14. 1:06 thats crap…superbiwl 31 was actually a close game

  15. I have a rules question, please-

    Why did the clock continue to count all the way down to 0:00 when the ball clearly crossed the goal post at 0:02? Shouldn't the clock have stopped there and the Pats kick the ball to the Rams? Granted, they would have done a squib kick and the game would still be over, but I thought that the clock stops at the field goal being made.

    What am I missing? I don't care about the results of the game; when my favorite team is not there, I only root for an entertaining game, and this definitely was one. But why didn't the clock stop at 0:02?

  16. How did Brady have luck from start to finish? He earned it

  17. Imagine if McGuinest didn't hold there? Would have been the most surprising SB blowout ever.

  18. Kraft didn't "buckle" with those masseuses either….

  19. Never noticed that number 77 offsides on the field goal

  20. Rewind David Tyree SB catch for the NYG vs pats

  21. This was the first super bowl I remember seeing. I wasn't a Rams fan, but I like Faulk and Holt so I was pulling for St. Louis. smh…

    Worst part is I'm from upstate S.C. and I was already a huge Panthers fan.

    I hate you Adam Vinateri.

  22. idk if you have done it but rewind super bowl 51

  23. Watching the tuck rule makes my blood boil.

  24. So are you guys gonna do Norwood's wide right in SBXXV? Also, a good forgotten moment is the hail mary that Harbaugh threw at the end of the 95 AFC Championship Game. That was a crazy ending to a game that had so many interesting stories surrounding it.

  25. don't cut the episodes short!

  26. You should do David Freese’s walk off in the 2011 World Series

  27. Please do UMBC vs Virginia

  28. Would love to see a rewind on the 91 World Series.

  29. Can we get "A Miracle in Istanbul" AC Milan vs Liverpool, 2016 Euro Final Portugal vs France, 2014 World cup final Germany vs Argentina, 2006 world cup final France vs Italy zidane headbutt, 2014 champion league Madrid derby Sergio ramos last minute header. Theres soo many football stories like try to makes more videos about football

  30. Should’ve stayed in St. Louis ??‍♂️

  31. 2001 was the most iconic season imo

  32. At the time, I was rooting for the Patriots to upset the hated Rams my brother always played as in Madden (if only I’d known lmao), but I always found it weird that they just let the clock expire after the kick clearly sailed through with a couple seconds left.

  33. It's been interesting to see how New England's perception of the Patriots has changed over the years. Despite the league showing footage of Boston in all its promo material about the Patriots you have to understand that Boston is a baseball town first and that the Patriots were very much an afterthought for a very long time. I was living near Foxboro when Kraft bought the Patriots from Orthwein and believe me, Foxboro (soon to be Gillette) Stadium is in the middle of nowhere. Kraft and the Patriots showed what can happen when a team is led by dedicated, passionate, and capable ownership that is passionate about the game and there was a definite shift in how the team played and how New England viewed their football team.

  34. You should do a rewind on the 1994 NHL playoffs and Messier's guarantee

  35. but did they have the best point differential?

  36. A great look back since bad then when Brady won over Oakland, people thought they had no chance vs Steelers or Rams and won them both. It killed the Rams of being a dynasty as well!

  37. Rewind 2014 UCL final

  38. do 2015 alds game 5 bottom 7th inning

  39. It was maybe the greatest moment in swimming history

  40. You can do pls the phelps vs cavic in the 2008 Olympics

  41. tuck rule put them there

  42. Rewind Super Bowl XXV and Scott Norwood's kick.

  43. Rewinder in Chelsea’s champions league 2012 run and history on cup alongside drogba,lamps,terry and Cech, pls you won’t regret it

  44. Save your time. He made the kick

  45. The Ice Bowl deserves a deep rewind

  46. 17 years later to the day, the Dynasty continues! #GoPatriots #6

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