3 Reasons 49ers Offense Can Be Great (2019)

Time to talk about the San Francisco 49ers yet again. Doing another Top 3 video. For this video, looking forward to the 2019 season. Giving reasons why the …


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  1. What are your reasons why the Niners offense can be great in 2019? See you all tomorrow Saturday!
    ICYMI, here's my conversation with Ronbo- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZdC3IxCV82Q&t=462s

  2. You did good on Ronbo!!

  3. Bro niner faithful here love but my advise loose the entrence howl.

  4. The 49ers will definitely improve this season.They have picked up some good free agents defensively and could use more balance in depth on the offensive line.Joe Staley will be retiring soon and they could get some free agents and drafts to pick up some good offensive lineman. Jimmy Garrappolo needs better pass protection up front. That way he can avoid from getting injured.It would give him time to survey the field to look for open receivers down the field.Also open up the holes for run blocking.When Staley retires they should draft a good quality guard to replace him.Another tackle on the other side of Maglinchy. John Humbles.Loyal and always remain faithful 49er fan!

  5. Our Offense will be good because 1 Jimmy G, 2 Kyle Shanahan, and 3 George Kittle

  6. Any 49er fans in Canada!

  7. I think when healthy we have the best offense we have had in years just getting our own guys back healthy is exciting

  8. I think when healthy we LLP

  9. Still need help at WR sorry no #1 … this sucks Bryan…..

  10. i agree if we stay healthy and we pick up bosa for are d lne 49ers will be awesome this season cant wait

  11. 3 reasons 3 great running backs lol

  12. Oh 3. Our wideouts have gotten better we have gotten better with the addition of Jordan Matthews nd we can add more talent on that wide recieving corps in this upcoming Draft this Month

  13. 1. Jimmy G will be healthy nd back on track winning us games 2. George kittle is a freaking beast 3.we have gotten better on defense nd ready to wreck havoc against QBs so watch out NFL our ninerss are back whoohoo let's go ninerss!!

  14. 49ers biiiiiiiitch

  15. 1 Jimmy Garoppalo
    2 Kyle Shanahan
    3 Defense

  16. Chris Paul’s a 49ers fan that I didn’t know

  17. 1) our coach
    2) our quarterback's potential
    3) our back ups are starters

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