Cowboys need a creative offensive coordinator to help Dak Prescott – Louis Riddick | NFL Countdown

Charles Woodson, Rex Ryan and Louis Riddick of NFL Countdown discuss whether quarterback Dak Prescott or the offensive coordinator is to blame for the …


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  1. The Cowboys need another top wr, a te and another rb. Too much money invested in unhappy possession slot wrs and gadget guys instead of at the staple positions such as TE AND #2 Wr. No coaching or QB can overcome the lack of potency at these positions. We need weapons to Coach. Add a Jared Cook and Golden Tate w an emerging Galliop and there is a complete turnaround. That's a good offense.Then we have a passing offense near the top and can win more than a few coinflip playoff games

  2. Dak was fine, they were stubborn and didn’t take advantage of the looks rams were giving, they were literally playing 10 yards off of receivers every down

  3. Every year there's always a scapegoat and every year still no super bowl….so what's the same that hasn't changed? Anybody know where's a Blockbuster so I can check out Dallas Cowboys Greatest Moments in the 20th Century?

  4. I noticed Scott Linehans flaws in 2015 when Romo went down and he was 1-13 without him, a good coordinator would do better than that, especially when the defense during that stretch gave up only 15.7 points a game, btw Kellen Moore was 0-4 that season with 4 all pros and 5 pro bowlers on that offense, the greatest cut of beef is only as good as the grill master makes it.

  5. At the end of the day it doesnt matter what o.c or h.c u get the NFL is rigged and roger goodell will always have the patriots in the sb as long as his mistress tom brady still breathing

  6. Scott Linehan sucked

  7. Wtf is this really an ex football player saying that one man lost that game? Wholly shit everyone's a f$cking critic. Dak didn't give up 300 yds rushing Dak didn't call those boring ass plays. Get your heads out your ass. The offense was boring and predictable and the defense didn't show up. Stop trying to create a problem where there isn't one.

  8. Nah, there is a lack of creativity. I get how people say its Dak sometimes, but all the time? Like come on! He is good, but hes not sucky.

  9. Hire Jim bob cooter

  10. They need to stfu about Dak.

  11. The cowboys OC has literally been calling the same predictable plays for 2 years lol! They needed him to be gone he was holding back the team HELL even the players said it

  12. Jason garret needs to go

  13. Dak has no accuracy. Look at game film! Receivers ARE OPEN. He does not see them and he dink and dunks to Zeke in the flat. The last 2 games Cooper had 5 and 6 yard averages. The big ypr such as in Washington were off of 10 and 5 yard passes where the DB fell down. How many times did we see Gallop open only to have Dak throw a ball out of bounds? They will show the ONE great pass in the corner of the endzone but not the 10 other open in completions. How many pass plays are there for a QB who is not accurate and cant anticipate a receiver coming out of his route?

  14. Over throw..dumbass plays..useless around all that money and no one takes it serious..I'm pissed..but I still believe in my cowboys..take it serious…dang it…please

  15. Looks like to me that Dallas's defense was the problem. DAK did good just to keep them in the game.

  16. We need a new coach!! Never cared for jason the 2 string qb…

  17. These neffs be drawin on Dak

  18. I really thought of all people Charles Woodson would be better then this. Dak ain't special? Check all the stats and records man. All this praise ESPN heaps on the Goff, Luck, Wentz of the NFL have what in common? Let's see 1. Head Coach and OC put around them to make a system fit them. 2. Ownership spending money to put play makers around them at the skill positions. 3. Most importantly ESPN kissing all of the others back sides. When Brady was missinh his weapons he struggled, when Goff didn't have weapons you all labeled him a bust. Not one QB in history has won a Superbowl without good, elite or Hall of Fame talent around them. Bradshaw, Montana, Aikman, Brady, Rodgers etc all had those levels of talent around them. So let's be honest. ESPN just talks trash because real sports talk is dead. Its all hot takes. They trash Dak like they trashed Romo because he's a Cowboy. If Dak was on New England or one of the beloved ESPN teams. They would kiss his back side. ESPN is now a joke.

  19. OK now, LETS GO GET TONY ROMO….NOW!!!!!

  20. Glad I dont watch this show lol. It's like watching every other show. Same words different ways and tones to say them.

  21. You guys know NOTHING!! It's amusing HAHAHAHA!! The same plays over and over. Several teams say they knew what was going to happen before it happens. The three stooges!! Ryan…really…HAHAHAHAHA AGAIN!! You guys are good for a laugh and that's about it. ESPN is going down anyway. Look forward to seeing you guys take it down.


  23. Just a legit qb coach..

  24. For Prescott to play decent,he needs a powerfull offense and a very good defence.because he's not good,the day he accepted that he's not a good QB, and stop compering himself to Troy Aikman maybe he plays a little better.

  25. Hire Tony Romo as OC and coach up Dak!! Idc how much he is getting paid. Jerry Jones can afford it and also nothing can't beat being a Superbowl Champion!

  26. Listen I'm not gonna sit on here and argue with anyone about dak Prescott I was just making a comment it's not worth it to me I'm a real Dallas cowboys fan not just a fan to just one player

  27. Its not all dak though do you actually watch the plays or do you just hate dak lmao

  28. I wish Charles Woodson would actually name plays where dak was bad instead of just saying they were there.

  29. I can’t wait to see our offense dominate next year!

  30. If it wasnt for dak the cowboys get blown out.

  31. He's not a great quarterback??? are you kidding me he's way better than damn near most of the quarterbacks in the NFL that are playing right now

  32. That’s obvious lol will never tKe the next step alex smith jr at best

  33. Ints fumbles sacks and inaccuracy!! You cant teach him all this. Just replace his ass

  34. Tony Romo for Offensive coordinator for cowboys!!

  35. They need a true starting 3 core LG,C and RG not patch work replacements. Looney is no Frederick, there was no comparison with our 2nd and 3rd string core people. The core linemen and solid receiving core. Good back ups Vs Legit starters. Even with the same 6 plays we could have beat them, it would have been easy with the Core O and D line. All this FUCKERY ABOUT Dak. #BUll

  36. Dak is limited by the OC period,most young qb r on teams with quarterback guru,s if Patrick Mahomes went to Buffalo u wouldn't here to much about him

  37. Dallas needs a strong offensive coach… Not just any coach

  38. Booooi our nxt OC is kellen moore LMAOOOOO this is why we dont win. Jerry dont take this shit serious lol

  39. There's a reason why Mint Chocolate chip tastes better than Vanilla.

  40. NFL is rigged and these characters know it

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