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  1. So what's going on with Garrett? I heard his contract was extended. Do you think we're gonna see Dallas under a new HC?

  2. Dak is Bum, tyme to get real QB in the draft at pick 58

  3. Law… draft Benny Snell jr as our #2 to stop the panthers drafting him and he is a redzone TD machine which we need desperately

  4. I think most that hate dak just want a quicker realease, quicker reads/decision making, SET UR FEET DAK, less fumbles, and just a little more gunslinging shot in the game…. i think all of us love the entangables… i dont hate dak… i just wanna see me improvement on those things, cause that added to the entangables and he becomes elite

  5. Dak is the future of the NFL – Dak is the QB of the New guards of the NFL Cowboys

  6. Them Boys on 105.3 be hatin big time

  7. Exactly right, jeremy x! I don't hate Dak… we can wait to start talking about his contract in the future. My personal opinion is PRIORITY – Cooper – Jones – Prescott – Elliott. Watch Law, Voch, Akoye, Foots, Mark Holmes 1980 – learn and educate yourself Salary Caps, Cap Space, Dead Cap Money. Then you can understand what positions, rookie contracts, %th Year Options.

  8. Preach on 15' 👏…..to many have forgotten

  9. Extending Amari's contract before Dak's would serve us better financially because it will lower Coop's cap hit like DLaw's extended did

    This will allow more cap space for Dak or who/whatever

    And yes Law Nation
    Dak has an entirely different set of standards he must achieve that no other QB is or has been required to do

    And he keeps on winning regardless of defying not only his own defects,
    1- He defys the falsities that said he can't win without Zeke.
    (several games where Zeke rushed for less than 60 yards Zeke rushed for less than 80 yards etc 11-7 record)
    2- He has to have an elite Oline
    (No probowlers but threw for 4 TD's vs NY – missing 2 probowlers etc 10-6 record)
    3- He has to have everything around him
    (No TE, no #1 WR, no Zeke or even Zeke didn't rush for 100 yards etc)

    Dak lost the exact same amount of fumbles, (6)six, as did Zeke
    Noone is criticizing Zeke
    Noone keeps track of dropped TD's, 1st down passes etc
    Magnify each & every missed target

    I'm numb to it now Law
    WHEN Dak wins a SB the narrative will remain defiant against Rayne Dakota Prescott

    Because they hate being so wrong about mid round to undrafted QB's excelling the #1& 2 overall picks

    They purposely ignore the fact that Dak almost single-handedly took MSST to their O-N-L-Y #1 national ranking
    He was the Heisman front-runner

    Because neither Wentz nor Goff did the same or better


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