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  1. The Dallas Cowboys Dak Prescott at the Senior Bowl 2016 |

  2. Fast Food = Poison!! When do you actually learn? Read Dr. Joel Furhman's material and learn.

  3. Barrie.. One lesson learned here… Keep #52 Williams ON THE SIDELINES!!! Williams is short armed slow weak and not big enough. The much bigger Filo-Pastry and Redmond play on the road against a strong Front and BOOM!!!

  4. Can you break some film on that LG Xavier He did Better than that rookie Williams

  5. It was a good game.Zeke was awesome.Defence still need to step up their game a bit.Glad they Won The Game.What's Up Law Nation. I'm Still Going To Root For The Cowboys ❤️❤️

  6. Dak just needs coaching &someone who is a real qb coach

  7. LVE got through the trash man. Played a monster game. SICK

  8. Defense wins championships…. Are you seeing what I see with this young defense? LVE dominating watch how when a lineman comes at him. He doesn't go backwards. He holds that lineman where he wants then blocksheds better than our d line. Lol

  9. I'm so tired of reading people complaining about Dak. I stated before it's useless to complain about him unless we're talking about a name to replace him . Last time I talked about this some moron said I don't care replace him with anybody I just want to redo. Unless you are a talking about a solution to the problem the useless whining and bitching is getting tedious and old.

  10. There only fans,NOT STUDENTS OF THE GAME.

  11. Cowboys are who JJ and Garrett, and vanilla queen make them. This is typical clapper style, comes out off a 2 week bye and gets blown out at home, after losing to the skins just prior. So all hell was raining down on him and his vanilla queen. So what happens, he goes to Philly and skins the cat. Ok I'll take a win over our hated rivals, BUT this team OWES the Falcons a beat down in their house, after what they did last year to these 2 bumbling morons. Let's just see, can clapper use that to go get 2 wins in a row. I have my doubts, like we all do that the cowboys will show up. Win 1, lose 1…thats clapper MO…

  12. ..i admit

    Amari cooper is making a difference out there..but i still want my 1st rd pick back

    Oh yea if dak sucked a lil less we would have blown them assholes out..

  13. Sua-Filo is another steal by Will McClain Xavier Sua-Filo was highly touted coming out of USC you will probably not see Conner on field the rest of the year. Also can we please use Rico in the red zone and use Olawale he is always open how is possible this kid knows how to get open and we don't use him. Also when Tavon get back the offense can be that more scarier.Best WR group Dak jas had since he got to the NFL

  14. Congratulations, Law on the sponsorship, you deserve it, your insight and honesty will serve you well in that opportunity. Salute!!!

  15. I feel like I'm Mari Michael and ferns together is going to be a devastating combination overtime. Michael's going to be really really good at route running our entire receiving corps is all about running routes now. Just about speed stuff Cole is really really good at understanding defense as well. Michael really really is in a good place to develop


  17. Sean Lee is not getting his job back. thise defense plays way better with LVE out there with Jaylon

  18. Two vitally important observations: Did yall see our backup LG slam Fletcher Cox several times! Anthony Brown is stealing money, Jordan Lewis deserves his spot ASAP!

  19. @Law my take with Su'a-Filo, he hasn't ever played with an offensive line as good as ours and he's played with SO many different guys. This is a solid unit, not a lot of different starters. I think that makes a difference.

  20. Dak fans extra happy we final got a win after several weeks. Look Dak is a product of Zeke ok (notice Zeke had a big 151 yard and 2 TD game) and Dak was able to manage that.. without performances like that from Zeke Dak struggles.. we’ve seen it time and time again.. go look at the numbers. You guys Keep saying Time Time Time.. right now this is the window for us to be attacking for the SB while we are one of the youngest teams. How long are you guys willing to wait on Dak to develop when we can draft QBs that are gonna be better than him in the future.. How long are you guys gonna wait.. 4 years, 5 years, 6 years? And make the mistake of paying big money while you’re at it? Just not worth it IMO but we shall see.. we’ve given up so much for Dak and our record shows that it hasn’t been worth it so far ( I don’t care about the win Sunday night) since 2016 our record has been on the Decline…… js

  21. @Law Nation: The game highlights clip you referred is from the 2016 Senior Bowl (sponsored by Reeses). Just GOOGLE "Dak Prescott Senior Bowl Highlights." But his best college highlights are in the video entitled "Dak Prescott Ultimate Highlights" here on youtube.

  22. Lets just face it. Connor Williams is not a good starting guard & La'el Collins is not a good tackle. They allowed the most pressures from the opposition. U either switch La'el Collins to Connor Williams position or just start Xavier Su'a-Filo & Cameron Fleeming. Fuck all this win lose win lose situations. 😕

  23. Cooper brought some relief to offense. NOW GOING THE RIGHT DIRECTION.

  24. Law a lot of those people who don’t like Dak are Romo fans!..Still blaming Dak for taking Romo job.

  25. You're right bruh…kinda like Willie Beamon in the movie "Any given Sunday". Design and/or run plays that cater to Daks skill set.Notice how the titans went back to mariota's read option style. That's the style of play that helped him win the heisman. I saw Dak give Alabama fits in college. Run an offense he is familiar with and this team will Soar.

  26. Ty Smith had one hell of a game. By far his best of the year.

  27. 🗣Preach 🗣..👍🏾👍🏾

  28. good job nation..always been a cowboys fan , will be till the day i diseye..
    as far as comparing dak to trent dilfer or the tampa bay brad johnson,is wak.those guys could throw the rock.and have bling bling.badass defenses,,
    the sport is totally different,in how its played,on offense in particular.i don't hate prescott,i think he has regressed since his rookie year,didn't impress me either,holds on to the ball way too fairness to him,he has shitty coaching and i don't believe he has a qb coach.if he gave a F he would get his own personal today's NFL every qb has more favorable conditions to bomb a defense every sunday,even with int's he should be slinging it.remember bill parcells telling tony romo''give me two int's tony'' well u cant throw int's if you dont sling it..true he has crap at the receiver position.but he still needs to launch it for longer than the 17 yard bombs he throws,am not gonna candy coat it like a 12 yer old,as most of my fellow cowboys fans.i don't think he has what it takes between his ears..and am not saying romo won shit .but he does have some cowboys records as well as NFL record.a winner that won a lot of games with his arm smarts athleticism.

  29. I agree that Dak need to get the ball out alot quicker which is coaching cause if you look at the opponent that we played against which came in the same time he did Wentz is doing it tho so my excuse for Dak on that is coaching we do have kellen moore as a qb coach he wasn't good to me. Now I will say it took those qb's the Brady's the Roger's the Romo's took along time to get there throwing together once he get that state of mind that he need to practice on that & acknowledge on that he will get it I say year 5 & all stay the same it will be there. Gallup is a beast Rookie & coming along im gone bring something that we should have kept tho over Austin is Switzer especially special teams replace Beasley & Thompson but he looking good out there with the Steelers. Can't wait to see this face back against the Falcons of the Browns can beat them we look at that film & take alil of what they did & add it in to ours & we should be fine in the Dome cause no Db can hold Coop Beasley & Gallup & coming along now Hurns

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