The Dallas Cowboys VS Tampa Bay Buccaneers | Live Reaction | Post Game

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  1. the star defense shined in this one
    defense held a hog wild buc offense to only 20 points
    defense set up or gave their own offense 17 points
    defense helped their own offense with only 24 minutes of lopsided top?????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    a good defensive teams such as the ravens, bucs sb team, bears, vikings, steelers and the like do have boring offenses more often then not
    but dak and the offense did their job by not turning the ball over
    sometimes a boring offense helps or compliments good defensive teams more often then not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????????????

    amari, dak and the o did shine in the eagles game

    but then again, a part of cowboys nation want it all every game – romo to walk on water and to raise the dead – and the romo roller coaster rides!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????????????????????????????????

    but sometimes u have to win ugly to secure the playoff spot first and foremost – then u can go back to the romo roller coaster rides???????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    boys may have to play seattle in the first round
    i am reminded of the cowboys seattle game last year that eliminated cowboys from a playoff spot
    i was also reminded of the classic movie theme from white men cant jump
    you would rather look pretty and lose
    then look ugly and win
    boys d had a legitimate shot at a low scoring ugly shut out win in that game
    boys o could have helped the d with a ugly shut out in that game
    boys o threw away that game
    russell wilson only had 93 passing yards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????????
    russell wilson only had 93 passing yards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????????
    russell wilson only had 93 passing yards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????????
    dak was camping out in the pocket big play fishing ala romo dances with wolves
    dak gave away points and critical field position
    it was garrett and the coaches job to recognize what kind of game was being played out
    russell wilson only had 93 passing yards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????????

    as billy would say – i would rather look ugly and win with a ugly low scoring (field goals) shut out – then try and try and then stubbornly try again to look romo pretty and lose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????????????????????????????????????
    russell wilson only had 93 passing yards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????????

    cowboys vs bucs
    cowboys probably did not have the ball long enough in this one to allow the physical side of the run game to show clutch results
    but the boys probably needed more from miss-directional plays creativity
    miss – directional plays to set up the downhill running
    miss – directional plays to help set up or compliment the passing

    it may be surprising to learn that jimmy was more of a defensive minded coach then a offensive minded coach back in the day – hence the big bad nasty oline and the emmitt run helping the d mantra????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

    ur thoughts?

  2. Anything can happen any given day. And when the dust and smoke is clear there is one thing to say. Our Dallas Cowboys are NFC East Champs again. What the road brings is what it brings. But what it is. We the entire Dallas Cowboys Nation are the ones standing. It's always a fight day in and day out. So be it. Ring that bell. We are ready to come out swinging for it all. HOW BOUT OUR NFC EAST CHAMPS DALLAS COWBOYS.

  3. Congrats dak on being the starting qb for 3 strait years of winning seasons and 2 division titles. No games missed always playing never misses a snap. Clutch player will always try!!!!!

  4. You sucks if you believe Dak sucks, only if!

  5. Once expectations come Dallas will lose like usual

  6. I really do not believe you should be so excited about this performance. It’s more of the same thing overall at end of day. Forget about dak and regardless it’s still the same shit going on year after year. First playoff game will be a loss unless if they play Vikings.

  7. The only thing that is going to save the Dallas offense is either praying or requesting a sacrifice from mark dak cult leader Holmes

  8. Glad we won the east. Just hope we can make noise in the playoffs


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