Voch & Law Nation Interview Rod Smith, Joe Looney & Jeff Heath

Voch Takes A Deep Dive Into College Football Film From Players Declaring For The Nfl Draft. Breaking Down The Players Pros, Cons, Fit, & Projection to the …


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  1. Amazing Voch youre so knowledgable great interviews and Law Nation is cool.

  2. Hmm would love to see more rod Smith. Fb yes but I wonder how he would do at TE. He broke a giants LB offfffffff last year. He's physical he can block, just wonder how his route running is. The hands are good! He's a great player and any way we can get him on the field I'm with it.

  3. Voch , and Law big ups! Joe Looney has a bunch of personality! The other players certainly are making their mark this season. Go Cowboys!

  4. iWas entertained ??

  5. What an interview

  6. I wonder if looney can play gaurd, if Frederick can come back?

  7. This was dope ! Wish them nothing but the best salute go cowboys !

  8. Yo Joe Looney cool as hell. Joe’s Bros lets go!

  9. Voch man you Law perfect interview very professional straight up yall keep it up and both of y'all is gonna be on somebody's Network's payroll real talk so as always I'm gonna hold it down for the doski woski and the peeski weski

  10. I bet they were really impressed with yall's knowledge of the game & the organization.

  11. I wanna buy Joe Looney a beer. That guy looks like he would be fun to hang out with.

  12. Good job fellas!

  13. Good bunch of guys and I also like @ 11:21

  14. Awesome guys thanks vosh and law

  15. Would he play next to his brother if it comes down with it

  16. Joe is awesome ?

  17. this is only the beginning, great things ahead

  18. Joe Looney sounds like a really cool guy. Nice man and funny. I am glad that he is a Cowboy. My heros have always been Cowboys!!!!!

  19. I’m first voch!

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