Jason Hatcher Said Jason Garrett Sabotage Wade Phillips & Romo is no Leader…

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  1. Interview starts at 4:19
    Jason Garrett at 15:40 28:35
    Dak at 16:40
    Romo at 18:39
    Schemes at 30:00
    Wade at 31:36

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  3. Romo is pure garbage

  4. Pay tank over dak ? And tank barely touched double digit sacks this year without missing a game. Dak has however broken records and leads the league in wins since 2016. Until dlaw can average a13-15 sacks a season he doesnt deserve a huge contract. Shit randy greg had 6 sacks this year while being out of football a whole year. Dlaw can do better than 10 sacks and if this was his prove it season thats just not enough sacks. Dude literally was nowhere to be found in the rams game but he’s elite? Make dak prove it lmaoo this guys a clown and any team that doesnt have a run game will falter. Prime example last year when zeke was out we couldnt run the ball period so teams played more coverage schemes rather than stacking the box and he still went 9-7 almost making the playoffs

  5. Really bro your comparing

  6. Hatcher was talking bout "Tony never hung out" lol fohh bitch you JEALOUS. Him feeling inferior to Tony while being around him has nothing to do with Tony's feelings about anyone. No real dude has hate in their blood. He's irrelevant

  7. Please look in the mirror JH. You guys quit on Wade Phillips that’s why he got fired! Wade Phillips sucks as a head coach. He cost us a trip to the 2007 SB because he was to laid back and did not require discipline from his players! Once again if JJ would of let Bill Parcells do his thing that 2007 team would of gotten to the SB. So JH once again you guys quit on WP that’s why he got fired not because of Jason Garett!

  8. Opinions are like noses. It's up to you which one you pick.

  9. Yeah but Hatch wasn't in the locker room with Dak…btw nothing against Dak

  10. Really, Law? You're totally sold on his every word, or like the media, we're gonna let the negative feed become the truth as though there is only one side of a story? As-a matter-of-fact, the success that he speaks of was Romo led. How are you only willing to spew venom & no praise. Why do you think that so many want to be there if this is the only thing people know about Dallas & Jerry Jones? Dak over Romo? Are you KIDDING me? That dude (Romo) came from ~!@#$% & carried Dallas for a DECADE! Dallas only sells hope & Patriots win Super Bowls, yet no one deems the Patriots as America's Team; why?

  11. Sounds like someone is bitter? I never saw Hatcher being much of a leader but everyone is entitled to their own take. At the end of the day all this in the past.

  12. Disagree about him saying they had Super Bowl teams every year however every team that marched through that locker room during the Romo era was a playoff team

  13. Long time fan…But our front office is full of shit

  14. "Do I really like Dak that much without Zeke?" Idk, Hatch, how many sacks would you have had without Ware and Ratliff????

  15. Hatcher is an idiot

  16. So because Romo chilled in the box with Jerry he's a outcast. Lol ..man that's shit crazy. Who cares if he in the box. Just because Romo decided to be in the box he not a team player. Trash. That dude played with injuries for the team, took criticism for the team , won and lost as a team but he he's not a team player. Thats trash Law

  17. Respect for a guy that wants to sit around and smoke weed but no respect for a player like Romo who sat around studied tape and gave us some of the best football of our years. F.O.H. with that pick and choose BS

  18. There are a few players that have that kind of control not every player has that kind of control. Hatcher was a marginal player that had one good season. Some of this is real, some of this is hate, some of this is just his opinion. But its good to hear that he's doing well.

  19. You should do a podcast on apple

  20. Mannnn law showing all the throwbacks of former cowboys teams makes me wanna cry

  21. They acting like Jason Hatcher a legend or something ??‍♀️??‍♀️

  22. This was a very entertaining interview lol. Shoutout to Jason Hatcher, once a Cowboy ALLWAYS a Cowboy. He sounds like he telling the truth to me. Appreciate the hard work LAW!!

  23. I wouldn’t say Garrett is a bad leader, especially the way the team responds to him after games in the raw moments and the way Garrett reacts and responds to them and supports them…he may not be the coach with the best strategy but that’s only part of being a leader….Romo being this isolated inflated non leader of a man idk, he doesn’t seem that way but then I don’t know him….hatch was a defensive player and usually they are by themselves away from the offense, if he was who cares now. He is a hell of a analyst. If Garrett did what he did and if this is his last year I hope we win the big one, if not than Garrett is out and nothing really matters we move on.

  24. To everyone who’s crying. Garret is out after this season.

  25. Hatcher is a hating,lying,regressive,accusations with no proof.

  26. This is why Jason Garrett should have been fired years ago.The cowboys can't get but so far with this clapping coach. the fans saying this long time ago.

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