Justin Houston will get the sacks and the pressure film

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  1. It’s crazy that you started off you video with his film against the Colts because guess what?! The Colts got him.

    On top of that, you called $13-14million a “bargain” but the Colts are only paying $12.5million. WHAT A STEAL!

  2. Welcome to INDY! Houston you have a new problem. We coming to take back what's ours and then some.

  3. He is 260 lbs and at this point in his career he is better suited to play end he can't cover.

  4. ohhhhhhhhhhweeeeeeeeee law! You got me hyped about wanting us to go after him. Can you imagine tank & him pressuring the QB!

  5. I hate when people compare 3-4 OLB to 4-3 DE they do not play the game the same way. 3-4 OLB main job is to get to the QB period. 4-3 DE have to play the run on the way to the QB. You people are comparing apples and oranges.

  6. Law, 3-4 olb do not always play well as a de in a 4-3 defense. Demarcus Ware had problems when they switched to 4-3 if you remember he had 6 sacks that year. He went to Denver the next year.

  7. Is he coming to Dallas or sumtn???

  8. We aint gon get him due to resigning march lilliard

  9. Would Houston be cheaper than d law? If not how much more would he b and which player would u rather give money to?

  10. If his asking price is cheaper….sign him and wave bye bye to Lawrence and his injury history in exchange for a high pick.

  11. We play a 4-3 hes a 3-4 linebacker so unless marinelli can work some magic I dont see a way he can play this scheme

  12. What if Justin houston took Irving spot?

  13. Admiration exemplified when I see Houston play Law

    I'd love to see him with a star on his helmet

    I missed this live
    I joined this podcast at the very end

    And/but Thanx

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