The Cowboys Key Off-Season Moves!

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  1. Earl Thomas cant stay healthy..
    When was the last time he has played a whole season?…
    He is a black shawn lee

  2. Use free agency to improve our team not after we lose someone. Go get Golden tate or JCook just from cutting four spot played slot wrs. Move the wrs around for slot duties and increase the # of downfield playmakers with a higher ceiling for scoring

  3. Imma get into the mind of stephen..I believe he really want to let D-law walk..why are those my thoughts? Because he got marinelli..marinelli has performed miracles with less..sign Prescott with Amari and a few more of our own free agents..that's what I really think Stephen wants to do but we will see..

  4. So before we drafted Zeke, I remember going back and forth with people on Dallas cowboys old forum. I said we need Zeke, he is a special player. Of coarse EVERYONE was saying drafting a back that high is a waste. Jerry even said Zeke will give us more then any pass rusher can. He can control the clock, he keeps your offense on the field and theres off.
    So Law, would you sign Zeke before Lawrence? Me, I'm signing Zeke before Lawrence on the fact that Zeke does everything expected and more, and hes won us or put us in place to win more games then Demarcus Disappearance Lawrence

  5. Looking forward to hanging out on Saturday… it will be fun – Salute!

    ☆ GO COWBOYS!!! ☆

  6. They also need to let that TE Basketball player go, he sucks

  7. Do you trust Jerry in his selection of free agents, besides Amarri Cooper?

  8. All trash free agents, Jerry brought in a long list of bad free agents

  9. Let Lee go hes always hurt

  10. Sign Cole Beasly and cut trashvon Austin

  11. Yes bring Joe Flaco to help Dak

  12. How about signing Greg Hardy…what a mistake that was!

  13. I like Anthony Brown as A Football-player who Is Very-aggressive and Football-savvy, but i've been Saying for a While-now that Anthony Brown Is Simply just Too-short and Too-small Playing those Slot and Nickle-position's as Well ! And as for Mr. Jeff Heath, he Does need to Be a Rotational-player On the Cowboys Defense this Season, because he's Struggling to keep Tight-coverage In Outter-space at Certain-time's ! I kinda don't think that the Dallas Organization Is gonna make "D" Law 1 of their Top-prioritie's for them to Pay him this Off-season here, but i'll Say myself that "D" Law Most-definitely Is One of the Main-one's that the Cowboys need to Anney-up with financially Though ! ???

  14. You can't go wrong with OL or DL and there is a lot of good ones in this draft.

  15. Byron Jones is 6'0" maybe 6'1" at best Law. Like everything about the show, man.

  16. Law what about the young kicker that was with the Oakland Raiders

  17. Alabama safety deionte Thompson 2nd round pick

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