Dak Prescott always seems to center on one topic – Talent versus Intangibles.

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  1. Dak is an outstanding Qb on and off the field he is unfairly criticized due to our fickle fan base and the extreme envy of our proud franchise

  2. Look up when Romo had more forced thows down field

  3. Dak didn't have any turn overs till 60.or 70 something games in during.his start

  4. You have to look at Romo he also was criticized for messing up but them boys didn't have much of a defense dak has more game winners then losses an can only had a few mess ups you have to look at the coaching staff

  5. Dak is one hell of a QB but our problem is that we are not playing complimentary football. We cannot just rely on Dak, Zeke, them HotBoyz and Coop. We need some people who can step up and fill in the gaps when these guys are down, out and dawg azz tired. We need another Jimmy Johnson, someone to pour more gas in the fire we got to get us where we need to be. We need to go back to playing HARD NOSE FOOTBALL all around.

  6. ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ GoCowboys.!!! Enjoyed the conversation.. thanks again Law..

  7. Dak's still a baby goat

  8. with the bland offence scheme we have and play calling last year, the reshuffled O-line and complete new wide receiver set, look what the team achieved last season. Yes we needed the trade for Cooper. I argue that we needed Cooper more than Zeke. Yes we need Zeke and he is the engine room but Dak had no reliable receivers before Cooper entered the fold. It opened everything up and look how much better the Teams offence and Dak were over the last 8 games.

  9. I would take Dak over anybody but Mahomes maybe. If you really pour over the tape and the numbers it tells a different story than what gets passed around

  10. Law have you seen a recent photo of Connor Williams…dude is huge 😳☺️☺️

  11. We appreciate you Law 💙💙💙💙

  12. Wht up law, had to rewatch the stream my Guy, i feel asleep Cuhz. #DC4L #Dakthatman #Dakknight🦇

  13. Hey Law💙💙💙💙 Dak is my QB…..anytime folks start talking that’s fighting words with me ☺️

  14. Dak will have all season to work with the receivers. He will only get better 💪💪


  16. Pat mahommes is good but if you give Dak tyreek Hill Dak will throw for 5000 yards

  17. Dak right now should try to take a pay cut to keep the nucleus around him then we can see what we have

  18. You can't look at Russell Wilson with Dak Russell has a super bowl win and 3 super bowl appearance he needs to get paid

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