Stephen Jones says Dak Prescott’s contract has to be “team friendly”

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  1. Romo needed talent around him. Had it and still couldn't win big. Well for starters Romo only got sacked 20 times that year(2008) vs. Dak's 56 times in his 3rd year(2018), he had Marion Barber(885 yds rushing), Tashard Choice(472 yds), and Felix Jones(266 yds)when we were supposed to be running them as the 3 headed monster, Jason Witten was in his prime hauling in 81 catches for 952 yards(almost a 1000 yd receiver take note), T.O. in his prime still with 69 catches for 1,052 yds, Patrick Crayton putting up solid #2 receiver numbers with 39 catches for 550 yds(on top of basically 2 number 1 receivers), and even Marion Barber putting up numbers with 52 catches for 417 yards!!!. To top it off the Defense piled up 59 sacks that year(2008) vs. Our 2018 defense only having 39 for the year meaning he had help on the other side of the ball…We had the 13th best offense, ranked 9th in passing, and the 8TH BEST DEFENSE IN 2008 AS WELL!!!


  3. stephen better give dak the team friendly deal or else

  4. Pay this man already

  5. DAK already on a team friendly contract?

  6. Not because of worth
    Because of cap relief
    This is why we should extend Coop first

    Like Tank,
    Coop will yeild more cao space for a Dak Prescott extension

    Factor in how Dak was notably held back

    His strong suits were not maximized
    His Oline changed each year
    His QB coach changed each year also

    He had declining targets for his first two seasons & no WR for half last season

    Dak's dual-threat was minimized
    He was ranked #1 QB for tight-window throws
    Meaning throws into 1 yard or less separation
    Dak had worst receiving corp last season until Amari

    Dak's ability to execute 2-4 minute drives better than all others
    He leads the league in wins behind Tom Brady only
    He has the most game-winning drives the past 3 yrs

    Dak needs $28-$30M most guaranteed
    But giving both sides a way out after 3-4 yrs

    He's given much more than DLaw
    DLaw 2 solid yrs
    Dak 3 solid yrs

    Dak's been Team-Friendly since he was drafted

    $30M will still be Team-Friendly
    Because he's owed much more already for his gross under-payment thus far as the 135th pick

    Until this year Rico made just as much, base salary, as Dak


    Peace Law Nation


  8. Why would you franchise tag a man in 28 when you could just pay him and be done with it

  9. OU 25-22 million a year people better recognize a franchise tag is going to be at least 28 27/28 going to be the starting point so you might as well let that sink in

  10. and all you cowboy fans if they think they can just replace Dak and everything is going to be the same at when the same amount of games and everything's going to be hunky-dory you're delusional as hell

  11. Narrative versus reality law narrative versus reality they press the narrative the Dak Prescott is trash but the stats Don't lie the numbers don't lie the wins don't lie

  12. Dak 27 to 28 mil a year

  13. There's a reason daks rookie year look so different from the last two Scotland hands direct influence

  14. First of all you don't know what that Prescott's capable of because he's always been in Scot linahands offense

  15. How the Hell is Wentz worth more than Dak. Went hasn't done shit. It was all Nick Foles.

  16. Relax people – I'm sure Jerruh will over-pay him….

  17. They paid Stafford att Lions.. Matt Ryan Kirk cousins…

  18. If Dak could play more games like he did in week 16 of last season and he can prove to the world that he doesn’t need a run game in order to win games than I would pay that man handsomely. You may not need Zeke if that’s the case but I have this feeling that between Dak, Zeke and Cooper, Dak might be the odd man out. I feel that the Jones’s value Zeke more than Dak and they know Dak needs great weapons hence Zeke and Cooper in order to be successful. Zeke is going to be expensive

  19. Pay Dak! I think he's got IT! He's our QB Damn it! Who's gonna be our QB if we don't pay him?? I believe in him! #MYTEAMMYQB

  20. Leave Dak out for a moment. How is Weintz worth more than Wilson. WTF..

  21. Give him something similar to what Jimmy Garoppolo got.

  22. I wouldn't give dak top dollar qb money. Great move by the cowboys. Dak needs everything to be perfect to excel. Not a bad qb just ant over that hump

  23. 25 million that’s it

  24. compare Wilsons first 3 year numbers to Daks

  25. Man isn t making a million dollars a year. pay him what he has earned i think it's sad the narrative is dak take less what other young qb wins a playoff game as well as regular season record and doesn't deserve new contract.

  26. Dak is a developing QB that needs high key players around him to assist in his development. Spreading the cap around to build a balanced team is vital. We all have seen what happens to teams tht over pay for a QBs…. Those teams usually suffer from lack of talent and not making the playoffs.

  27. 5 years 140m, get it done before rusell get his done. it will save us money

  28. Also on that Seattle team, everybody was already getting paid before Wilson got his money. So they had to let them go because of their pay and ages. Now it's only Russ and Wagner getting paid mainly with a lot of dead money and cheap contracts. Dak only has to compete with Tank as far as contract status and we don't have dead money issues like them, so we can afford to pay more players. As far as the agent saying look at Dak's stats, the Cowboys can counter with let's look at these tapes, lol. I think he should get paid at market value, which is the contract K. Cousins has but doesn't deserve, 3 years with 84/M guaranteed at 28/M a year but say it's a 5 year contract for news purposes.

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