The Dallas Cowboys Got The Offseason Game Plan Going…

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Dallas Cowboys 2018 NFC East Champs Gear


  1. Law do you have T-shirts? Can’t see any in your merch

  2. No they don't here's why first the early season schedule. There not going too win early season road games. 500 after 6 games. Second you have a lame duck coach it could fall apart very fast. Third the joneses care about $$$ over anything else like boats and stuff. Sorry dude i got the picture a long time ago

  3. Cowboys should look at the possibility of drafting Michigan DE Chase Winovich.

  4. It all depends on D-Law. Settle it and move forward.

  5. Sorry Law, but the Patriots won't fall until Bill Belichick has left the Patriots. Remember that Belichick is the GM and Head Coach and has a 70% winning percentage without Tom Brady with a 14-6 record. Belichick and his system made Matt Cassell look better than he actually was.

  6. Remember the Eagles. They fell hard when they had an all star team

  7. Dak all day every day

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