Are The Dallas Cowboys Making The Right Decisions For 2019 ?

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  1. It only took the front office half the season to grab coop ?‍♀️?☆

  2. They could have had Honey Badger and Ed Ried for cheap last year and their answer was garbage scheme fit. They were both Amazing last year 1st round Talent and All Pro's garbage decision!

  3. They should have fired Garrett

  4. Are they making the right decisions? No one knows dude. That's what makes sports so exciting – the unpredictability, the randomness, the chances….nothing is guaranteed except that it's all unknown. If it was easy everyone would do it!

  5. Stop trying to count jerry Jones money 10 million a year is that not getting paid

  6. What’s good D-Law Fam!!! I’d be happy to be in a NFC championship game, seems we can’t make it to that point… If we find a way to get in the Super Bowl I might have a heart attack… I see it differently now from watching u and listening to the idea of draft and younger players… I’ve always said Collins would be a better fit then Thomas, I like them both.. We need safety help.. Keep posting, I’m watching!!

  7. I would give up lawrence for two first round picks and the first has to be a top 10 pick.. Lawrence is injured and why not get a cheaper younger option. Dallas has to spend every penny wisely.

  8. I'd have to say yes. We've been asking for change & the past few seasons we've gotten just that. Kicking scott to the curb was a good start for this upcoming season. We know we never go hard in free agency. Your right law after the draft is the best time for us to make our moves

  9. Law what's that beat

  10. I really want Amos at Safety!

  11. Trey flowers from the Pat's was dominant

  12. If they (DC) want to sign a FA Safety to go with the young guys they have, they'll have their pick I believe at a price they want. The market just added another one. Darien Stewart was released by Broncos today. Price for a Safety is about to DROP!!

  13. Lawrence should take the 20 million what's wrong with that. That 2 years 40 million in the bank if they tag him again that 60 million 3 years money , what's wrong with that. Let's go I dint understand a person getting 20 million and don't want it.

  14. They fired Scott Linehan, so thats a big time yes from me!!!

  15. Big time law you are a true die-hard fan but let's be honest I feel like four years not winning the Super Bowl winning in the playoffs we got to hold this franchise accountable and it's time to do it and it seems like they not going to change there are ways easy of my winning to them or taking our money I love the Cowboys but Jerry don't love us back it's up to us and cowboy fans to demand a change

  16. Forget Super Bowl Law..let’s try and NFC Championship game first…..Thomas nor Collins puts you over the top at this point in time.

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