The Dallas Cowboys Free Agents Moves or Nah….

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  1. Trade dlaw for 1st and 2nd are 3rd and draft Boston College defensive end Allen hes a beast and dt and safety and you will be winning superbowl

  2. This is a Business after all in the N.F.L. ! But i Would hate for D-Law's Replacement to be A Big-time bust if he Would be Traded !

  3. I don't think we should trade D-Law…. I believe we (cowboy nations) know what we have in D-Law as far as production on the field. I believe he has been a good person off the field as well. Bring someone new to the team we have to see if they fit, is the production good for immediate impact and no off the field issues (we need the players on the field). All those answers we have right now in D-Law. Pay him.

  4. I hate when people call players selfish man, ITS A BUSINESS at the end of the day people.

  5. they won't have no pass rusher without Tank tho

  6. I agree ☝🏾 I’ll trade him as well no space for selfishness I’m sorry 😐

  7. However Tank is not Mack! And he is injury prone. I would cut bait. Cowboys fan fall in love with the wrong things. We have to many people to pay to give him that 💰. Salary Cap is the worse

  8. Dallas has no short of pass rushers…Tank not worth the high price..he only had 5 sacks in the last 11 games of the season..0 in the post season

  9. I Love it. Because I believe tank wants to tank the Cowboys ability to get a team around him. I would would trade him. They can even go after Justin Houston after the trade.

  10. Take the picks ASAP!!!

  11. I'm just saying if the Patriots were in the COWBOYS position they wud trade TANK🤔It's uh tuff call 2 me.

  12. Trade DLaw!!! Get some picks!!!

  13. Making trade with the Colts 1sts & 2nds Rds pick. Law Nation read about John Elway between Colts & Cowboys. Tex Schramn had Draft capital make the trade. Elway in line replacement for Staubach 1983 draft Hello

  14. Hell nah Law' they must be crazzy' are they smoking wat David Irving,smoking,sign D- Law, draft d- tackle,and safety- plus O- line in- Draft,and get on with 'ur Business,Cowboys are couple of players away,on winning a Super Bowl,with ain't the Giants.. Com'on man..

  15. Being a cowboy fan makes me understand women who stay with the same shitty guy their whole lives thinking it’s gonna be different

  16. Ed Oliver is THE BEST defensive player in the draft. Been saying it since I seen his highlights

  17. Hot take Lawrence is overrated as FUCK.

  18. I think JJ likes his tea 🙂

  19. I love ED Oliver trade dlaw he’s not a once in a life time talent I would trade

  20. Law you're listening to Shawn & RJ from 105.3 The Fan listen to snippets of The Draft Show on the Cowboys podcast. That's Dane Bruggler and Brian Broaddus that cohost the draft show. You should go see them live every Tuesday in April at 6pm. I'll be there 😁😁

  21. Well back to 7-9 it is I'm tired of this Jerry needs to sell the team.

  22. Paying Earl Thomas one penny more than $10 million per is plain GODDAMNED STUPIDITY!

  23. LawNation! Hey love the channel and as a fan I want DLaw but as a cowboys' fan Id do the trades for a #1 and #2 and build for the future with rookie contracts…

  24. Don’t trade, we need DLaw. Just my 2 cents😁

  25. Helllllllllllll naaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh

  26. Pull the Trigger!!

  27. Trade DLAW!!!!!

  28. Law Nation the GOAT! Can't wait for the Roundtable

  29. Smfh if they do this as a Cowboys fan this would piss me off

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