Why people are hurt after a Cowboys Lost?

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  1. Dallas has had offensive line problems all year long, right from the get go. Because if you believe Joe Looney is as good as Travis Fredrick, even with him battling a very serious health problem, you have to be out of your mind. Fredrick is one of the best Centers in all of pro Football STILL! And btw, I exactly first had what he's dealing with because I had it as well. I'm paralyzed from my chest down because of it.
    Dallas was dead in the water two months ago, starting 3-5 out the gate. And what transpired until the Colts game is some damn good coaching. Now, when does Tryon Smith get multiple penalties as well as get beat several times in a game? The only problem with this team is that were emotionally spent. And in case you forgot, nobody in the NFC East can't say jack regardless. Because as sorry as everyone is saying Dallas is, but the rest of the NFC East couldn't beat them. Washington is in a battle for last place with the Giants. Philadelphia finally played the right QB and destroyed the Rams on the road. You don't bench a winning Super Bowl QB over a guy who's not proven anything yet in the NFL. Because the only thing that Wentz has proven is he's injury prone. Didn't Philadelphia just get rid of an injury prone QB last year? (Sam Bradford). Fulks may not have all the tools that Wentz has, but Fulks is a baller. If not for Skip Kelly destroying the Eagles he's entire time as coach as well as San Francisco along the way, Fulks had Phili in contention every year. Now Wentz has back problems? Yeah, good luck with that because back problems NEVER go away

  2. We have to be consistent cause when we win it’s dak is clutch and dak brought us back it’s never the team is clutch or the team brought us back. Dak is the leader of this ship on the field because he’s the quarterback right because that’s what people say. We need to strike now because we are not paying dak big money and we have players under contract for little of nothing, we mess around a pay dak for what we think he can become smh we going to be in a predicament I’ve seen fans talking about not wanting to pay Zeke now that’s crazy! Smh we need to strike now idk how we can coach dak up to see the field better and make better decisions but he has to show that before we even think about playoffs or Super Bowl

  3. I know it was UGLY and frustrating, but I believe the Boys might have needed this loss to get refocused and ready to make a run ?. I believe the boys win the next 2 and after that,….. Who knows? Fact is, the Boys are leading the division and have a shot! DC4L #finishthefight

  4. Law people only bash Dak for no reason nobody thinks about the situations that he gets put in by unnecessary penalties that warrant a big time throw for a first down or if he reads the defense and audible to a play and we convert but yet is called back by penalty Dak played well we can't over look missed tackles,holding penalties,false starts, pass interference,holding on defense,roughing I mean let's be realistic we just got to clean up and also help Dak & play calling is at its worst again. DC4L I never turn my back on Dem Boys Win Lose or Draw.

  5. Chris Hansen. .EXACTLY! ! Your dead on!!

  6. Don't even want too watch ESPN this week

  7. I was hurt, but I actually was expecting this loss. I had a strange feeling that our cowboys started to think that they were unstoppable. And you have to remember, this is a very young team. This team has been great handling the losses, but how they handle success is questionable.

  8. I'm not hurt the only thing that stuck out is 0 points, This was a humbling loss it's good they got beat before any type of playoff game if they do win the division, It ain't all Dak , Receivers had the dropsies The O Line is 90% back ups and Dak was still able to move the Ball and convert , it's the RedZone Fundamentals they need to work on, they are over using Zeke on the check downs , Zeke plays hard thru contact and I will say he has to not hurdle over anybody, Another thing I take from this is now we know How an up tempo no huddle Can wear the Defense down Andrew Luck dinked and dunked to a Victory and I can say I have faith that Rod Marinelli and Kris Richard now see a weakness on the Defense they can address , The last thing I noticed is Scott Linehan is still trying that Receivers by committee BS he didn't have Cooper out there enough , As I said those stop Routes curl routes need to stop, I would constantly keep Cooper Gallup and Beasley out there stop rotating these guys it's not working and Scott Linehan isn't fooling anyone or putting fear into any opposing defenses , That's what stood out to me I'm not worried about Stephen A Smith or Shannon Sharp or Nick Wright or Colin Cowherd , This team has talent it's these damn coaches that are unprepared

  9. You can’t be on the eve of the playoffs and get shut out, especially when you have an “elite defense”. Things no longer look promising.

  10. We will be okay,we just had a bad game,we know what's at stake

  11. The best way to stick it to Rodger Goodell is to win a championship…

  12. Everything was in the colts favor 12 game, dc knows the personal, and head coach knows garrets gameplan just a bad day but im completely fine with them losing. The Cowboys can still win against the bucs and clinch the nfc east so people need to chill.

  13. Philly feeling themselves, cuz no one else cares for them.

  14. Oline Redman looney Williams interior was our downfall got destroyed

  15. Not hurt….just a game. Losing is one thing – getting beat is another.

  16. You are right. We got outcoached. That's right fire, Jason Garrett. Fire Jason Garrett. Cut Dak. Cut Dak. Hire Lincoln Riley. We need a fresh start after 8 years of total mediocrity from Jason Garrett and his coaching staff.

  17. Now I get it! Its been so long since won a championship and everyone is upset. Let’s cheer these guys on and move forward so we can see this thru until the end…

  18. Law I’m a advocate for wanted Jason Garrett and hoping Linehan be fire this morning. But now it not the time for that. That same entergy we had when we won 5 straight,we need to keep that same entergy and move forward. We have to take care of business and not focus on what other teams are doing.

  19. It's Dak's fault when we lose, no matter the circumstances, and when we win, everyone gets credit, except Dak. I'm ashamed of our fan base. Does anyone out there look at the totality of the game. Injuries, play calling, penalties, Dak put up better numbers than Luck yesterday, but you all still say it's his fault. GTFOH!!!! Football is a team sport, and it always takes a team effort to win game PERIOD.

  20. I like garret I think he’s doing a good job this year Scott linehan is our problem our playcalling is absolutely horrible

  21. What’s holding ya back is dak has no one to coach him tony romo was in his ear 2016 we saw what happend last year we need a qb guro and as well as a new offensive coordinator I call out our play 90% of the time!!

  22. We needed a loss but a goose egg oh my lord all I want is to see a Super Bowl win in my 18 years of life I’ve seen us only win 2 play off games!

  23. Its the position they playing… of course u will not have shaq on the perimeter… see theres a difference between me and u.. i know what a player would play best … i would have shaq on the paint.. who would try to put shaq throw a three!!!!???‍♂️

  24. So one dimensional qb is wat u want for our cowboys? i would rather have a qb that can spread the ball around and keep those defenses guessing…

  25. The whole team was slow and sluggish ?. The OC been drawing the same game plan forever so I’m done saying fire him for now. And yeah Garret was a lil over aggressive yesterday too bad the players didn’t have the same attitude. And Dak still holding the ball forever. Need quicker reads if our OL is gonna get handled.

  26. Man Law that loss hurt cause eagles and Redskins won now we have to win the next two cause one of those two teams could creep up on us …. Also of course this one loss of the last 5 wins ppl start crapping on dak again but true fans know what it is

  27. This is one of those games that you just put behind you and move on. There's no redeeming qualities from it, nothing to take from, etc. Just chalk it up to this season's "clunker" that every team usually has. You can go back to any of the seasons Dallas won a Super Bowl and find at least one game like this. In 1995, the last Super Bowl team, Dallas inexplicably got SWEPT by the Heath Schuler quarterbacked Washington Redskins who were 6-10 that year and were awful. Or, the more recent 12-4 team of the 2014 season when the Mark Sanchez led Eagles killed Dallas on Thanksgiving 33-10.
    Sometimes the opposing team just has a better game plan mixed with better match ups on the field. Combine that with self-inflicted mistakes and you get what we saw yesterday. It's happened to better teams than this current one in the past. It will happen again in the future all around the league. It's why they PLAY the games.

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