There Are Only Two Types of Teams In The Playoffs Winners & Losers | Cowboys VS Seahawks

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  1. Yep. 2 Types of teams: Bad Ass and Mo Bad Ass

  2. 54 ,,,,55 ,,,,, Killa defense

  3. Got that ……..W

  4. I wish….. law …..was our offence of coordinator

  5. Law your channel is objective and great! Please don’t lower yourself and do videos with Mark dak cult leader Holmes. Mark dak cult leader Holmes is a piece of shit and a delusional fan with a shot channel. You don’t need to be associated with this thief and con artist. Do you know that he steaks from his subs and viewers. He like the guy at church that he scamming people! Please don’t talk to this guy!!!!!!!

  6. Law last night you and mark did some type of show. Mark dak cult leader Holmes started to talk about race bait shit like black head coaches etc etc not getting this and that etc etc. smart people know this was race bait and you yourself on your own video show that same dam morning even went out your way to state the obvious that it’s not about race it’s about winning and for all of us to stop that Stephen a smith race bait shit!!! I wish you went hard at dak cult leader Holmes for this……… I really wish you could have went at him harder but I think since it was kind of his show you were just being nice and letting it go????????

  7. I hate Mark dak cult leader Holmes!

  8. Nothing will make me happier if cowboys win and eagles lose

  9. Dak needs to be at 100%this game

  10. We need to get the guy from the bronco real talk

  11. The Theme musiq stays COWBOYS The gods of WaR!!!!!!

  12. Law why don't you change your theme songs? Go back to the early 80 themed songs to get us hyped to play even when it's not time yet! Having us on the edge of our seats! Go listen and you will not be disappointed.. try it!

  13. I had to speak on this,Zeke is already bitching that he wants an extension now,he hasn't even finished his 3rd season,I think he needs to stfu and worry about the task at hand,he is a very good RB ,but there are guys coming into the draft every year ,even 4,5,6, rounders that can do what he does,I want him to stay,but he needs to stop the whining and play

  14. Hit low and wrap up

  15. Woke up this morning and watched this video with my morning coffee. The opening war music and the wolf howling has got me pumped and ready to run through walls for our Cowboys. Thanks Law Nation for all you do brother.

    This is a new day, a new era, a new dynasty in the making for the Dallas Cowboys. Time now to stack playoff wins, silence the critics, and fight for every inch of ground on our journey to the top of the mountain!

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