1. Well, Law, I understand what you're saying The one fact that seems to be an ENIGMA is Rolando McClain, David Irving, Terrance Williams, and whomever else got in trouble with the law. So, Rico Gathers isn't the only one that got in trouble with the law, Jerry Jones, Stephen Jones, the rest of the staff and the NFL Scouts have to EVALUATE and NOT JUDGE, CONDEMN even ESCORIATE players by how BAD they were Off The Field whether it was in college or in the NFL.

  2. STRAIGHT CASH HOMIE!!! Right Law?

  3. Law, What about Darius Jackson? Should there be a 3-Headed Monster instead of a 1-2 Punch because when there was DeAngelo Williams, Jonathan Stewart and Mike Tolbert they were DYNAMIC even when it was Brandon Jacobs, Ahmad Bradshaw, and Derrick Ward, they were dynamic a 3-Headed monster?

  4. pay the man market value he earned it …he is 2nd only to tom brady in wins without his rb for 6 games otherwise he would be 1 st

  5. Our biggest Foe is not going to be the opponent in the coming weeks. It will be the officials and bad calls. We have to play smart and overwhelming on both sides of the ball. The offense needs to get rolling. Have we scored a TD all year on the opening drive or kicked field goals ? We have the leagues best jackhammer in Zeke. And Cooper has broken loose. TE play has been good with Jarwin and Shultz. They are catching the ball and moving it. Defensively we have started to gain momentum and are choking out opponents. But dumb plays and ripoffs have cost us huge. The League Owner majority has the officials looking at us hard. They do NOT want to see JJ's Boys in the SB.

  6. Law, not trying to get u to talk Dak, i just thought that was funny is all lol

  7. Dak has a Dannon OIKOS Commercial after Cam Newton screwed up

    ▶Campbell's Soup Commercial

    ▶His own Cancer Foundation in honor of his Mother passing away due to being diagnosed with Cancer

    ▶Was named the NFC OPOTW (Offensive Player of the Week)

    ▶He was named a nominee for 2018 Walter Payton Man of The Year Award

    ▶Adidas Commercial

  8. Law… he did it again.. Mark has posted another vid tonight and OF COARSE the video is all about Dak AGAIN lol.. so… i could not resist leaving a funny comment for him, here is my comment.. “Lol… this has gotten ridiculous Mark.. this has crossed into Mark has a man crush on Dak… lol… it’s every video u make now Mark… u do realize that if u count the kicker and punter Dallas has 23 starters not named Dakota, right? Hahaha”… hehehe

  9. Law, Jeff Fisher (Former Tennessee Titans Head Coach)

  10. Seattle Seahawks Head Coach Pete Carroll (Former New England Patriots Head Coach and USC Trojans Head Coach) Law

  11. Lance Lenoir, Noah Brown, and Cedric Wilson Jr. whom we also drafted Law How about them Next Season our Wide Receiver corp will be solidified because we didn't get a opportunity to see how dangerous of a threat at wideout Noah Brown can possibly be in the Passing game too NOT just in the Running game Run Blocking, Lance Lenoir on The Practice Squad and Cedric Wilson Jr. we haven't seen what he can do due to the setback of getting injured.

    So, Our Wide Receiver corp isn't intact because every receiver isn't Healthy.

  12. Law, USC Trojans All Day for me FIGHT ON!!!

  13. Wow you look exactly like James Harden

  14. Pat Mahommes stepped into a perfect situation.

  15. Wven though i speak negative about Dak sometimes is because i want to see him do great. Why is it when it comes to the Cowboys they can't be a good team with a functional work of 3 levels. But i guess it's ok when These other teams have good players but it's a problem when It comes to cowboys. Maybe cause no other franchise gets that tv time or publicity as cowboys. Jealousy. Maybe cause the fan base overceeds others in many states or basically worldwide. Cowboys have fans even underground. I would choose Dak over any QB anyday cause he's a baller evem when he DON'T have the elements around him. Kinda like Tony Romo in a sense. Cowboys never had top ranked players on THEIR team like some teams amd still come and ball out. It's about talent and being hungry and NOT over paying. Most of these teams go out and spend tins of money fpr guys rhat won't even win yiu a championship but yet they always have something to say negatively avout Dak Prescott. By the way even in college Dak did what the higher rank players did with less talent and still won a championship in college. If that AIN'T a winner then i can say that folks are stupid muthafuckers. All them other 1st round picks haven't even won a damn championship but yet they give negative talks about Dak Prescott. None of them 1st round picks never won more games or have a better win loss percentage either. So i guess its better to speak negative about a QB who KNOW his flaws and is a winner compared to 1st round picks still bot winning championships

  16. Molly needs to shut the hell up or put a penis in her ?. She supposed to be a moderater not someone to try to speak over men trying to put her half a penny in because of the me too movement.

  17. How much for the beat Law?

  18. Don’t know how he pulled draya??‍♂️

  19. How many interceptions will dak throw. How many fumbles will dak have?

  20. SOOO….this is a debate by 3 people who are not at the STAR every day, they can't tell me who is on our practice squad, If I mention the name's MIke Hegman and Alex Albright they would not know the difference, So how are these guys experts? They could not tell me 10 players from the 1988 or1963 Cowboys…..so why should I care what they say and whatever they say does not impact how they play or practice?   3 loud mouths who have not a clue about the Dallas Cowboys.    So what should I care what a boxing guy thinks about my Cowboys??

  21. I give 20-22M per year to Dak Prescott

  22. They just hoping and wishing we lose lol

  23. When they asked about trading Goff for Dak I laughed because I imagined Goff taking the same hits as Dak….I truly believe he'd have been broken early in the season behind our line.

  24. Try and go ahead sew it up..and give the ricos and cooper rush of the world let these other guys work

  25. On the beat..drop some of your quotes
    U are now rocking with the best
    Live like 95
    Salute ??????
    Or let me wreck that h×× lol

  26. D law that what i wanted was someone to expose the Carson Wentz hype

  27. Ok some of y'all need help bring church back?.

  28. Good vid Law, keep on rolling

  29. Surprised Stephen A didn't bring up the Brandon Carr vs Marvin Harrison matchup. Also, it's crazy how he thinks Peyton Manning is gonna destroy us ?.

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