Free Agency Thrift Store Shopping for the Dallas Mavericks | Feeling Dangerous

The Dallas Mavericks have $30M to spend this offseason in free agency, but rather than blow the lump sum on a single player, DDP has a couple of other names …


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  1. They have to get bojan bogdanovic out of Indiana. They need shooters and He is a goooooood one.

  2. The Mavericks will sign nikola vucevic and draft De’Andre Hunter. They still have that $13 mil trade exception that no one ever mentions and I hope they can trade for spencer dinwiddie, then they will have the starting five to make a playoff run

  3. bev…. is not what he once was… i am OUT on him, clips are keeping him too

  4. Team is not good enough with those adittions, I hope Cuban doesn't think like you.

  5. Yes on Green, yes on Pat, no on Randle (get a center). 50M for Powell is too much (he is no starter)…

  6. Totally sold on PatBev!

  7. I don't want anything to do with randle

  8. I'm fine with Brunson starting at PG with JJ off the bench. Loved the D Green idea.

  9. Dwayne Dedmon is interesting ?

  10. I think it would take trading Courtney Lee to get Julius Randle I doubt Dallas Mavericks trade Tim Hardaway Jr but I can see Dwight Powell

  11. Sorry DDP but spoiler alert Thunder lost to Blazers because Damien Lillard had a buzzer beater

  12. I could see Dallas Mavericks signing Patrick Beverley they had interest in him when he was with Houston Rockets

  13. Vucevic price should go down after he did not show up on playoffs for Magic in my opinion

  14. Dallas Mavericks can learn a few things from Cowboys when it comes to bargain bin basement shopping

  15. I don’t see Danny green leaving Toronto especially if they make a run and if he would leave he would probably go back to SA

  16. What do you think about the possibility of adding Bogdan Bogdanovich from the Pacers and Julius Randle??

  17. good choices, i am with u

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