Is There a Luka Doncic "Freeze Out" By the Mavs Veterans?

Segment from Sunday’s Mavs Fastbreak*** In the midst of Dallas’ 6 game skid, there was an incident during the Friday night loss to the visiting New York Knicks …


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  1. No wonder the Mavs had a 6 game losing streak. Their primary ballhandler/playmaker is at the baseline chasing rebounds instead of waiting for outlet passes near halfcourt. LMMFAO!!! The longer it Luka continues to play that way, the better. DeAndre Jordan is mad about Luka getting those rebounds because Jordan would rather see Luka at half-court ready to receive the outlet pass then see Luka heading toward the opposite baseline to get rebounds.

  2. On the play being shown @ %:40, Luka Doncic displays poor court vision, low BBall I.Q., or both. If Luka had the court vision to see DeAndre Jordan coming and recognize Jordan could get the rebound, then the highest I.Q/ thing for Luka to do would be to move toward the offensive end. That way, Jordan gets the rebound and can outlet the ball to Doncic, who could be near half court already when he gets the ball.
    Instead, Luka wants the rebound stat, and would have to start out 90 feet from the basket instead of being 45 in the frontcourt within a few seconds.
    Low I.Q. play by Luka, but Luka fans are more concerned about Luka getting the rebound stat than how much better the Mavs fast break would be if Luka passed on the stat, broke downcourt and received the outlet from Jordan.
    Since the Mavs are not my team but are an opponent, I'm glad that Luka is making such poor decisions, and that Luka's fans are supporting it. LMAO.
    It's better to have the ball in Luka' hand at the opposite baseline than at halfcourt? DOOFUSES.

  3. Okay, I've seen enough of these "freeze out" clips to see it's true.. it's subtle.. because the short spurts he gets the ball he has to sharp shoot that shit or no stats.. they look at stats the way a college looks at your SAT score.. that's why it's amazing how he still shines.. Deontray will learn his place.. Rodman didn't steal rebounds from Jordan.. you don't steal the ball away from the star.. and Luka is the star.. he'll win many, many games for Dallas..

  4. Yeah man I hate to say it but i've noticed it too! Luka gets no love after some of the greatest plays and clutchest shots man.. WHERE'S THE HYPE MAVS!! Luka has me enjoying the Mavs 10x more than last year.

  5. I’m from the UK but I’m fucking sick and tired off fucking European fanboys sucking Luka’s dick and talking crap about every other mavs player. Stfu. He’s a young kid and I think he’s gonna be a fucking great player one day but honestly you all just sound like you don’t know basketball whenever you say stupid shit like this freezing out bullshit or that other players are jealous of him

  6. No. Shut up there isnt.

  7. Been noticing this from the beginning. DJ ALWAYS passes to DSJ instead of luka. Damn shame.

  8. No one is going want to play for Dallas every fan news outlet trash all the players but Luka meanwhile back in Atlanta we happy.

  9. They never let poor Luka play in any reindeer games lol

  10. Since Carlise looks like doesn’t have balls it’s Mark Cuban who should step in and solve this cause they are completely wasting luka’s talent and he is anyway being their best player

  11. Run the offense through Luka and dsj everyone else need to take the back seat

  12. The problem is that a 19 year old white European is better than the rest. All of that sounds shit for cocky dudes

  13. i am a luca fan but this about Jordan is BS. His job is grabbing rebounds

  14. Nowitzki should step up and tell those selfish players to pass more to Doncic

  15. If Dallas doesn't figure out that Luka is the new face of the franchise, then I hope he goes somewhere where he is appreciated and let loose on the court they way it should be.

  16. Coaching problem ?

  17. Give me a break…Luka D stop crying and grab the ball. Deandre didnt touch him, but just went after the UNCONTESTED rebound. The weak Euro league may play like communists with manners, but that is not the NBA…Know what Euros dont get? The agressive nature of American players. It took Dirk years to get it..He got it in the playoffs against San Antonio when he got his front teeth knocked out, along with playing with constant sprained ankles…..The Euro will not attract first tier FA. That is a fact. So, Mavs continue to blunder….Luka will need to toughen up and take control or simply tuck tail and return to his mother. The NBA will continue on without him………..

  18. Doncic request trade now!……there are only selfish players in Dallas….go somewhere where they will treat you right!…..fuck dallas

  19. I have noticed that from day one and it's pretty obvious. Sooner or later the coach has to step in and end this nonsense

  20. Luka's biggest obstacle in the NBA, his own team mates.

  21. This channel is a real shit… bye im never back to see this shit

  22. I though I was alone seeing DeAndre taking hard rebounds over Luka..

  23. Luka stiill a bad defensive player

  24. The vets are just shocked that the best player in that team is the rookie and he's already the star .
    Everyone sees that this is DSJ and Luka's team and they are the one who actually matter , so this season is basically a try out for both of them to figure out each other . The rest are just pieces .
    That's why I like Kleiber so much , he just does what's need to be done .
    DJ won't stay after this season , the Mavs should go after Cousins with everything they have . Plus , they should pray that the pick won't fall worse than five so they can pick up a good player .
    You should go easy on Mathews , even if he sometimes fuck up , but he plays his heart out and those mistakes he makes should go with time .

  25. A lot of Dallas players are jealous because 19 year old kid is playing better than them. They should be happy they got Luka on their team but they are obviously not. It's ego problem.. I'm very disappointed… I watched all games and it's clear that the ball is running away from Luka, but when they start losing everybody start searching for him… disgusting… DJ is clearly stat padding and everybody know this.. when DJ stole the rebound from Luka you can see on the bench how Salah Mejri hit his teammate with his leg like he was trying to tell him "look at this idiot" ..I blame RC for all this and if he dosn't have the balls to say it we will do what it needs to be done. So don't get but hurt

  26. Deandre can spell my name Jordan?

  27. Less egos, more team play. Share the ball! Only then i see them doing good.

  28. "Competitive tanking". Cant you get a brighter nigga on your show? This one is outright dumb.

  29. Trade Dennis smith Jr for Fox ?

  30. Luka at 19 already is to good for guys really do not deserve player like him

  31. It could be possible that DeAndre & Luka had words but, the whole team needs to man up and handle their differences in the locker room and hash things out and move forward period.

  32. Luka had 18, 9, 6. If DJ let him get that rebound, Luka would have had a double double. DJ pushing him in the back in the air is something that needs to be addressed by carlisle. Luka is the future.

    This is not a small issue. Its not the stealing rebound that is the problem. DJ could have injured Luka pushing him while they were both in the air. That is crap! DJ is one year rental, a child, a cry baby and he needs to grow the F*ck up!

  33. It’s a rebound lol…that’s why he was brought here.

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