WWE Fantasy Booking: Shawn Michaels Doesn't Retire in 1998

Some of the best fantasy bookings are the ones simply bold enough to ask “what if?” As such, I couldn’t help but wonder what would’ve happened if Shawn …


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  1. This was too sweet! Thanks again for having us on!

  2. You talk Cowboys, Mavs and now attitude era (my favorite ever from professional wrestling)!!! Wow impressed!!!
    I haven’t watched this video (yet) but as much as I loved HBK (97-98 DX version of him is my favorite), if he would not have gotten hurt vs Taker at the 98 Royal Rumble, I don’t know if HHH would have elevated the way he did and we may not have gotten the New Age Outlaws in DX. HHH needed to be the leader of the group and they would have been stale if they would have stayed longer together. I didn’t want HBK to turn on (via backstabbing attack) HHH and vice versa. So them mutually to part after WM 14 was the perfect exit. X-pac still would have been in the group and I would have loved to see Hall & Nash with DX back in 97-98.
    Both versions of DX HBK, HHH, Chyna (my favorite female wrestler ever) and Rick Rude vs HHH, Chyna, X-Pac & Outlaws (98-99) we’re he two best versions of DX!!!

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