Church Vs. State On Issue Of Abortion | The View

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  1. I love how Meghan continually puts words in other people's mouths. That is NOT what Sunny was saying and she knows it. So sick of Meghan's attitude. She's seriously needs to grow up and stop acting like a child who hasn't gotten their way whenever someone says something she doesn't like.

  2. Good job to the states getting a spine and stopping the baby killers.

  3. Abortion freaks your time is coming…

  4. Meghan is against abortion but doesn’t want the government to assist a child after birth like with health insurance, education, food, etc.

  5. Why dosn't Whooooopie fuckin' get it?…all her b.s. philosophies & situational theories mean ..ZERO .All these bone head theories amount to are nothing more than excuses,opinions & issues that are (maybe) not intentional smoke screens that cloud the very serious & base principal that…MURDER IS NOBODIES FUCKING ..CHOICE !!! Just arrogant selfish feminist politicing.

  6. Sunny and Meghan need to star to have more respectful faces when they co- workers are talking, especially Meghan.
    And by the way there is not only one religion.

  7. There is a spark of light when the sperm meets the egg, look it up. Light is life

  8. Church & State? Ha! Constitutionally you can tell someone they can’t murder! Saying abortion is a right & or that it’s a woman’s body is like saying to go ahead cut the baby in half!

  9. Megan is so annoying.

  10. 37% of women having abortions are white, 37% are black, 19% are Hispanic, and 7% other races. 37% are Protestant

    28% are Catholic

    7% are other religions who report religious affiliations before having their abortions. 58% of all women having abortions are in their 20’s

  11. I think Megan wants women to die in bathrooms

  12. Gotta love how liberals say gay marriage is a moral issue but not killing babies

  13. Yes whoopie that was the point and as NY recently proved you libbys have taken it WAY WAY WAY further than it was intended

  14. "Conception begins at life? I think they just spent 20 min laughing at ben carson for making an error and yet here sunny does the same thing and they say NOTHING

  15. Hey you forced gay marriage on 33 states who said NO including California so yeah the pro life may now force this on your state

  16. Pro life across the board. Not pick and choose

  17. The Catholic church is also having sex with little boys.

  18. Whoopi’s argument can’t be debated. Because she’s right. Women have always had abortions. Abortions will continue no matter what the law of the land is. It’s being done regardless of what any one of us believe. Roe addressed that.

  19. this girl is so angry. WOW?

  20. Meghan is not an intellectual, her arguments are rhetorical. She regurgitates information and has no original or considered arguments.

  21. Can meghan be let go already. And this has nothing to do with her political stance or anything. It's her whiny behavior of not listening, not understanding and making childish faces or sounds in disagreement. And it's pretty clear that she truly believes it's her way or no way. Fire her already ffs. She makes me want to not watch this show.

  22. The murdering of a baby isn't just a church or state issue… it's also a science issue. Life begins at conception. A heart beat is detected in the 5th week. Ripping babies apart and sucking their brains out should never be legal… whether inside the womb or outside the womb.

  23. Ever seen-If these Walls Could Talk-
    I’ll never forget watching it when I was about 12/13… I will always fight for a woman’s right to choose?

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