England vs New Zealand | Seven Nation Army

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  1. Nice video but statistically England has a 17% chance of winning any match against the All Blacks.

  2. 2019 rugby world cup will have some of the best rugby ever

  3. Easy to see why NZL (the ABs) have huge respect for ENG rugby the sport of thugs played by true gentleman. Amazing game from both teams this weekend now bring on Dublin and the Irish it's going to be EPIC, and good luck to both teams.

  4. I can make so many jokes about this

  5. new zealand…as usual

  6. England were robbed, but still a hell of a game

  7. Two heavyweights

  8. as an english fan, i honestly don't think england are gonna win. i hope that do tho that would be a big step for 2019

  9. This shows why we need Tuilagi

  10. Man that was epic I’m so pumped for this game

  11. You gonna get trampled little english roses

  12. Great Video bro! ?

    I can taste it on my lips now..


  13. Perfect way to start my build up for the game time for the first of many cold ones , enjoy the game guys Go The Mighty All Blacks

  14. show the bit where England dropped out of their own RWC in the pool stage..

  15. Judging by that video you'd think that things were even between the two countries 32 to 7 with 1 draw yeah that's even All Blacks by 20+

  16. Won’t see anything this brutal tomorrow

  17. 4 years of build up coming to a head.

  18. That made me wanna run through a wall ✖️?

  19. This would be more hyped up if it was in 2016-17

  20. Match of 2018

  21. I have no idea who is gonna win the World cup 2019…maybe the best year of rugby in history…

  22. The look on Eddie Jones face when the poms get annihilated Priceless!

  23. NZ will beat England by far

  24. Like for the all blacks
    Reply for England

  25. Georgia strong???????

  26. Roll on Saturday

  27. How can you not include the Ashton try

  28. The beautiful game

  29. Wow… great vid! As always!

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