Datone Jones Interview| He Is Dat_One & He Wants To Play For The Dallas Cowboys!

Interview with Datone Jones, NFL free agent defensive end, where he talks about his past, the packers and Mike McCarthy, and his future with the Dallas …


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  1. Great video brother. So mote it be.

  2. Why didn't more people see this @akoye? Maybe you should repost it or something.

  3. Great interview ??

  4. Yoo. You snapped bro. That was so hard. Interaction with the players. Nobody does that.

  5. I’ve been hoping for Dallas to bring Datone back he was a beast when he was on the field especially at that 3 tech position which is super important.

  6. Man this was fire good job brother. Well done

  7. Akoye is the best Cowboys media. Love to see him on with Mickey Spagnola one day.

  8. Awesome interview !!

  9. Great interview bro.

  10. Watitdo Akoye
    Blessings my brother

    Have a favor to ask of you
    I've been awaiting a Vid here to pose this hypothetical scenario to you

    Your opinion matters much to me

    Below is a comment I left for Voch & I'll be addressing others likewise
    Tell me what you think of the scenario below
    I do appreciate cha much

    Great lineup scenarios Yung Gun
    I like your approach

    Question :
    What are the odds we
    #1-Pay DLaw handsomely
    #2a-Dlaw gets surgery & rehabs
    #2b-Play him as expected & allow him to flourish once again
    #3-Trade him for increasing our stock 2020 off-season
    I'm for extending DLaw
    If it's TRUELY too rich for us financially
    And instead of losing out this year
    We'd get him healthy enough to regain his value
    Salvage this seasons deep playoff run chances
    #4-Get premium picks and or players in return6

    This way we end up paying the " Too much " for 2 year only to get back via trade etc
    Again this is hypothetically if we need him but don't wanna change this year without his services

    I conclude with
    I really rather something get's worked out that pleases both us & DLaw

    What do you think about the FO taking this secret-approach ?

    I'll be posing this scenario to other platforms & Youtubers as well


  11. Akoye
    Great show brother
    That Datone Jones is class, Feel me?

    Tell him Jeremy X DallasDiehardFaithful55+yrsStrong says
    He is an architect
    Come back to the Big D & resume constructing the hellacious Dline Walls he was well underway blueprinting his short time here

    Stay up Akoye


  12. You're on your way up AKOYE!

  13. with his attitude, IF hes healthy, it seems like he would come back to dallas cheap similar to his last contact. Obviously worrying about DLaw's money is the number one priority, and after that the office is probably looking to draft at the position as well to find our future to counter all these 1 year deals. I would most certainly look into Datone after April. Cant ever have too many versatile pieces especially across the Dline

  14. Yo datone ur boy from fresno i need u to take that left DE side i c that dawg in u

  15. My boy akoe I C U man that’s whats up

  16. I see ya Akoye! God blessing you as you prosper with your gift! Been subscribed since you first graced us with your intellect. Can't forget the YouTube beef! Lol. I hope you continue to blow my bro, I really do! God bless you man.

  17. Datone Jones, is the NFL RIGGED?
    SCRIPTED? ???

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