'Yellow vest' protesters continue to rally throughout France | Euronews Tonight

EuronewsTonight | Pressure is mounting on French President Emmanuel Macron as protests continue throughout France. Louis Chauvel, a Professor at the …


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  1. Macron is implementing the austerity policies required by the EU. While these are being applied the wealth gap between the super rich elite few and the rest continue to grow. All governments prefer to use a stick rather than a carrot to modify the behaviour of the people, it is less expensive. That is why the the desirable reduction in the use of fossil fuels is being brought about by increasing taxation rather than positive incentives to adopt low carbon technology, such as trade in grants.
    The problem with this approach is that higher taxes further reduce the wealth of those who already cannot afford the cost of switch to low carbon technology.

  2. This is a result of progressive ideology being forced down people's throats by a corrupt elitist political class. Progressive policies are designed to enrich the few at the top at the expense of the working class. Globalization moves good paying jobs off shore, while open border policies enrich corporate elites by providing a large pool of cheap labour and ignorant left-wing voters. Environmental alarmism promotes high tax policies, which sustain large undemocratic governments that impose neo-marxist laws and regulations on freedom loving tax payers. Low interest rate policies allow for cheap capital for corporate elites, and reduce savers asset base by forcing them to invest in high risk low return financial investments. Nationalism is where it's at folks.

  3. Oh LOOK the LEFT tear gassed people…. Chemical weapons used

  4. What I am saying is there is a g 20 meeting going on the gas tax is a nice way to say the tax payers get a gas tax to cover the cost of poop clean up in the streets and sidewalks and Ally way not to mention sanitizers and personal because of germs that could spread sicknesses you don't really want your leaders to say what the gas tax is for in front of all those World leaders that the people aren't potty trained or maybe they are terrorist involved in Germ warfare never the less the mess has to be cleaned up and the sanitized promptly please remember when you get home to sanitize your shoes and your childrens shoes as if they walked in unseen germs it could cause illness

  5. Ordinary people are tired of being crushed by the globalist agenda. Climate change is just an excuse to widen the tax base and help facilitate the islamization of France.

  6. hooray yellow vests – praying for you from america.

  7. Like we don't have the same fckn problem here in America…..the thing is that French are always made fun of… because they surrender easily…. but I beg to differ!!!!

  8. Taxes have to be paid for migrants invitation

  9. It's common to see the French blockade & protest but it's usually warmer weather and against the English or Spanish. Kicking Spanish red wine off the docks at Calais in June for instance is the usual. This seems different.

  10. they are nuts what u been doing socialist the last 30 years

  11. make France great again#

  12. Be careful what you wish for. Chaos gets old. Ask the US.

  13. Why so many people are talking about immigration on Yellow vests videos ? Is it an obsession ?

    I am French and I assure you that Yellow vest's claiming has nothing to do with immigration.

  14. This is the reward for living in a state of Euphemistic for 50yrs, suddenly reality sets in.

  15. And why doesn't he talk about the mass numbers of people who have moved to France from other countries and gone on WELFARE which is draining the economy of the west?

  16. Liberalism and socialism sound good in the beginning, however, always result in anarchy and the collapse of civilization.

  17. Yellow Vest Protesters should protest until Pete O File Macron resigns.

  18. this is what the collapse of socialism looks like

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