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  1. I went to the open practice and Kp looks amazing trust me y’all gonna be pleasantly surprised I personally think he will be our best player over Luka. Porzingis has the ability to be a #1 and i think he will show it this year. Also I saw Enyi while we were waiting in line to get in i shouted his name and turned and then i shouted DDP!! Haha he was probably wondering “who the hell was that guy” lol

  2. Kristaps NOT Kristophs 🤦🏻‍♂️

  3. I don't think Doncic has the Potential that Dirk had. Dirk looked ike he would be a 40 ppg 20 rebound guy every game. Also he was the best shooter ever and it was a jump shot that he could get over 7 footers. That is what I mean by Doncic not having the projection that Dirk had. Dirk was more raw.

    Only one great that wasn't a super athlete and that was Bird but actually he was a superathlete if you watch him hustle and beat players up.

    Only Miller and Curry are the best that were not that athletic. But both have good endurance and quick at getting around screens. We'll see with Doncic. Doncic seems like his stats were inflated by a coach that finally let down his guard and played to lose and just feature one or two players only for stats. Doncic was getting almost all his stats on back up three pointers. Which isn't a shot that can win in the playoffs or even make the playoffs.

    He needs to work on posting up cause he's kind of big and if we could put a big team around him to put him at the 1 then he would be guarded by 6'2 players all game and he should shoot 55% on post ups and get ever more rebounds and assists.

    overall I don't ever see Rick and Mark ever doing anything like this or ever even building a team for Dallas.

    I'm not hating on Doncic I just think it would be bad again if he had 21 ppg on 43% shooting. I'd rather even see 18 ppg on 48% shooting. Or of course something like 24 ppg and 50% but I just don't think he is to that level yet.

  4. Go all in Gasol and Ibaka! That would be crazy!

  5. Another interesting one: This are the updated measurements of ALL MAVS PLAYERS:

    Interesting things here:

    The only one that its TALLER than advertised is BOBAN… at 7'4 and 290 pounds, tallest guy on the nba after Tacko Fall 7'6 only.And with that weight he is the closest thing to Shaq there is today. KP is 7'3 as advertised, actually 7'2 and 3/4 to be exact.Only 240 pounds(He said more like 242 to 245)

    A few are actually shorter than advertised, we already knew Barea is 5'10, but Brunson is just 6'1(as opposed to 6'3),Maxi and DPowell are both 6'10(not 6'11) THJ is 6'5(not 6'6) , Broekhoff is 6'6 (and not 6'7),JJackson and DFS 6'7(and not 6'8), just as tall as Luka, which btw sports exactly the same measurements as last year, at 6'7 230 pounds. Actually HE IS 3 POUNDS HEAVIER! JUST 10/15 pounds lighter than KP!!! Thats what people talks about when they say the kid is really strong, and its difficult to move him at all.

    Which again tells you a couple things: First that he didn't lie on the measurements, second that he isn't growing anymore(he is big enough) and third, that after all the people saying he lost 15/20 pounds this summer, HE DIDN'T. He lost the belly and looks noticeably leaner, but he also put some muscle in there on top of that, like he lost 15 pounds and gained another 15 of muscle. Its just his natural tone is not really defined so it doesn't show, unlike KP for example, but you can expect him EVEN STRONGER this year and not only faster. He is 10 pounds heavier than DFS for example, BOTH BEING IN SHAPE.

  6. Drummond has a player option for next year. In his 7 years, Detroit has only made the playoffs twice and was swept both times, and they have never won more than 44 game with him. If they do not win more than 45 games and/or make it out of the first round, he’ll opt out.

  7. A trade Dallas should target is Adams and Gallinari. The 3rd scorer and the center. Rick would love them, importantly Luka would love them.

  8. I can assure you that every European bball fan (except Barcelona fans) knew he was gonna be ready for the league

  9. Imagine getting holiday and favors if they decide to go full youth movement.

  10. Stretch 4&5s will never put up super high numbers on rebounds because how can you get a rebound from the perimeter? Especially if you are the best 3 point shooter on the team like KP was on the Knicks.

  11. Last one. Yudai Baba won the dance off by a Landslide. And he played really well, defending Luka for extended minutes. I would really keep him ahead of most of the non guaranteed guys like Cleveland or Reaves.

  12. And maybe the best news so far, JJ Barea playing a LOT of minutes and looking totally healthy, even got Lukas number a couple times.

  13. Also Dwight is not playing must have some kind of issue. Dodo doing great on his place.

  14. Luka looks a LOT faster than last year, like totally different gear.Didnt score but got a bunch of dimes on the first half. KP looks like he never got injured made like 15 points. Never went for a dunk though. Delon Wright is playing with the Starters and seems healthy. Jalen Brunson pulled a couple of Luka moves, decelerating on a square for floaters.

  15. Love the channel. So stoked for Luka skywalker and the unicorn!!

  16. Live practice going on rn at the facility

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