✭ Should The Dallas Cowboys Switch To Mike Nolan 3-4 Defense & Will Kris Richard Stay???


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  1. I honestly feel we would be better in 3-4

  2. I think Gallup is emerging as a #1 receiver he got what it takes cooper isn't aggressive enough Byron Jones is soft when it comes to tackling or playing against a physical receiver chido and Lewis should be starting at corner

  3. Gotta stay with 43 with various elements of 34

  4. In regards to takeaways, regardless of who is in charge of the defense I'm thinking there has to be circumstances where the priority should be to play the ball and not just the recievers. Ofcourse that comes with risk. Can't get take aways without attempting to take the ball away. it's like a running back looking at screens in the stadium to see how far away the closest defender is.

  5. They need him to stay

  6. Yes and yes, BBQ woods at Nose Malik at 2 tech, Quinn and Jaylon as outside backers and Sean and LVE inside.

  7. Richard deserves a chance to be a lone DC. I don't think Marinelli's D Line scheme matched with Richard's secondary scheme. But unfortunately from what I understand Mike McCarthy owes Mike Nolan a favor, and so I think it's in Richard's self-interest to go look for a true DC or even HC job.

  8. Change everyone and start over!!!! Lets have people that want to win and stop being afraid to let the team know to get it together!!!!!

  9. Mike McCarthy is doing what Jason Garrett couldn't do

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  11. Mike Nolan is a average DC. He was good with the Ravens as DC but who wasn't with all that talent. He a checker player, not chess. You will be looking to replace him in 2 years.

  12. Moore kitna and Richard can stay Moore did a good job on offense and will be a lot better learning from McCarthy and kris has helped our DBs outside from safety our dbs have been good we got destroyed on the ground since the rams playoff game our run stop has been horrible

  13. I like Richard and the attitude he brings to the team you need a guy who will get in these guys faces and he can give Better insight on what these guys are good at the faster you know about a player the better you can teach him

  14. Why you asking the question like we have a choice!! They're bringing in Mike Nolan!!! They're moving on from Richard

  15. I would love to give Kris Richard another chance because I believe he is much better than he showed this year.

  16. We need all new coaches.

  17. McCarthy Don't have time to be Developing Moore. He got Ballgames to Win!

  18. Kellen Moore to Pass Happy

  19. Chris’ philosophy didn’t do squat, terrible defense

  20. Let him coach the Db's thats it

  21. Kellen Moore should stay. To get a little more experience from a better HC. He's young and got talent. Two offensive minded people working together might workout. Kellen has nothing to loose under Mike. I think

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