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  1. The team has a lot of holes on both offense and defense. On offense there is a glaring weakness at the LG position. Depth on the OL is also a concern, especially at Tackle. Tight End is another weakness. Zeke has lost a step, and the lack of a true power rusher means that the team will still have trouble converting 3rd and short yardage and goal lines. If they overpay for Dak, then they will have a QB who put up a lot of yardage but very ineffective in getting the ball in the end zone against good teams, especially in big games. If they do not re-sign Amari Cooper, then that trade will go down as one of their worst ever. On defense, can they please sign DL that are not drug addicted, injury proned, salary cap fillers who spend more time on police lineups than game lineups? LB is a concern because Vander Esch's injury seems to be a continuation of the injury he suffered in college and may continue to create enormous setbacks. Jaylon Smith is terrific, as is Demarcus Lawrenced, but after them that defense is terrible. Tom Landry's Cowboys used to intercept more passes within a 2 game stretch than this team had during the entire season. That secondary is pathetic. Everyone is crying for a Safety but they still have a glaring need at CB. Byron Jones is a good cover corner, but his lack of understanding on how to watch film has left him unable to jump patterns and intercept passes.

  2. We need to focus on defense. That is why they lost games.

  3. Should have been burned down a couple years ago…. we all are ready for next season!!!! HOW BOUT THEM COWBOYS!!!!

  4. The amount of snaps witten played this year wasn’t his fault. When he came back, he told the organization and the coaches to use him however he was needed. And instead they over fed the old man.

  5. I feel like Dak being better came mostly from Jon Kitna being the Qbs coach.

  6. Tennessee is good with a lead they couldn’t afford not to have DERRICK Henry not have a big game

  7. Wait wait you were going to shave off the beard…not just trim it….. Don't blame ya..lol

  8. wish elliot would stop doing that stoopid "eating" BS after each and every running play. BFD, you got a few yards or you had a good play, WAIT to celebrate AFTER the end of the 4th Q. and youve actually WON the fukkin game.

  9. i personally do NOT want dez back.

  10. Dak Prescott is a fraud.

  11. Dez Bryant was a great receiver, Michael Gallup is the next big upcoming Receiver. Respect for Amari Cooper number one.

  12. Who would be the best story ever to get Dallas Cowboys into Superbowl contention Mike McCarthy or Jimmy Johnson?

  13. As long as Mike McCarthy is not getting messages and missing meetings

  14. TRUTH!!!!! Speak on it my brother!!! I've been saying the same things for years and years now!! Thank you.

  15. TRUTH!!!!! Speak on it my brother!!! I've been saying the same things for years and years now!! Thank you.

  16. Stop ! With The Dez Bryant Talk Already if He Had Anything Left Some Other NFL Team Would Have Picked Him Up Already. I Liked Dez Don't Get Me Wrong But He is Past His Prime ! and That's The Mentality That Has Gotten to Where We are Now ! 8-8 That's Jerry's Mentality I'm Going to Keep a Guy Beyond His Prime Because I Picked Him and I'm Going to Show You I Was Right !! "IE" Jason Garrett For Jerry to be a Successful Business Man This is One Business He Still Has Yet to Figure Out !!!

  17. I agree and will smoke and drink what you're indulging in my brother well said


  19. Why is y'all keep talking about Dez they is not going to bring dude bacc so stop it DC4L

  20. Law Nation you are doing a great job keep up the good work sir thank you

  21. To all the dumbass cowboys fan who gonna say he can’t run route what about Dak who can’t threw accurately. Bring Dez back

  22. Neville Galimore DT Take a Look

  23. Why don't we make Dez a Hybrid TE…

  24. I hope Jerry is listen to this

  25. I was telling my coworker Dez don't want to leave Texas, he love the Cowboys. I'll bring them in to see where his mind set is.. He's a RAW country Man from Lufkin Texas


  27. Re running schemes I agree – 49ers are the standard, but who can scheme like that besides Kyle Shanahan? I think Kellen is only creative w passing, which is my biggest concern. We have the wrong QB for Kellen’s skill set. We need someone who can use Dak’s legs and do creative schemes for Zeke and Pollard

  28. Jarwin + Dez two TE red zone sets 🔥

  29. Dez , I think if he offered to play for 75 grand the cowboys would say hell naw he's a cancer thats been tweeting on a couch for 3 long yrs, no more x let that marinate

  30. I betcha Zeke keep his ass in training camp now, and if he doesn't lets bench his out of breath ass.

  31. I agree Law we are not that far away from achieving greatness I think we would have been there if we had better coaching 🤔

  32. ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ GO COWBOYS ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

  33. Until Jerry jumps into the fire also I am not sold🤗

  34. Kellen has the juice 🧃.. it’s only going to get sweeter… I bet you guy that don’t want Kellen wanted Chris Richard to stay 🤦🏾‍♂️

  35. They should have burned down the whole damn house! I'm definitely not excited about Kellen Moore calling plays, I think it's a HUGE mistake! I still believe he's too inexperienced and needs to learn under McCarthy before he's given that much responsibility. I definitely DO NOT like the addition of Adam Henry as our WR coach. He digressed in Cleveland and NYG, so why should he NOW have success? Because he's with Mike McCarthy? That doesn't reassure me in the least. I would rather have the Titans, Seahawks or the 49ers WR coach, someone who was successful at developing rookie WR's. We haven't had a rookie be successful year one that we drafted in the later rounds.

  36. A new sheriff's in town an things will be done strictly by the LAW!!! Ain't that LAW???

  37. Cool channel. I think you should try posting 4 minute videos. You could put enough content in that amount of time and also keep us interested in time aspect. I see more shorter videos if im on a lunch break for example. I won’t click on a video if it’s more than 20 minutes. It’s investing in a lot of time when you’re a busy person. I think you can capture and retain more subscribers with this method. Less is more. Less in time but more videos on different topics. 🏁

  38. Arlington also got the Texas Rangers!!!
    Tennessee went that far because of their RUNNING game… And a decent Defense!!!
    Would love to see Dez back, but you're right LAW… He's gonna have to prove himself beyond whatever the money is!!!
    Running Schemes 💯💯💯 BUT… gotta be able to defend against it also… We couldn't stop a simple run scheme this season. Defensively, RUN STOP needs to be TOP Priority!!!
    🔥🔥🔥 Luv Ya LAW 🔥🔥🔥
    🏈🏈🏈 GO COWBOYS 🏈🏈🏈

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