"Pay Dak Prescott? Dallas Cowboys Talk w/ BGJ & Law Nation

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  1. Most our offensive yardage was During Garbage time. That No. 1 offense was A Joke. Only Won games vs. Below .500 teams. Let's Be Real!

  2. Pay him around 30-35-maybe 40 no more

  3. Jim Kelly was a better passer of the football then Troy Aikman? πŸ€” I don't know about that statistically Troy Aikman is one of the most accurate quarterbacks to play the game

  4. I agree bring Dez back and move him to TE which is what I said before they cut him, I believe he would have taking a pay cut to stay with the Cowboys, but JG and SJ did not want him back

  5. I believe Dak would have ran more if he had a contract, get Dak signed, get him into OTA's and Training camp early and get off to the right start

  6. JG going to the Giants will make them Mediocre

  7. What are Garbage time yards? All I know is you continue to play until the game is over, you have to get yards to get back in the game, so me personally I don't believe in garbage time yards, unless you down by 4 TD's with 1 min left in the game, but in sports you have to continue to play, regardless of the score. Let use the Falcons and Patriots in the SB, the same people praised the Patriots for continuing to fight and it great because they continued to fight and they came back and won, so the team that fights back but does not get the win, but they fault back and made the close, it is considered Garbage time yards, but other team they had fight, because they fault back, so again please define Garbage time for me?

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  9. Pay him like an average QB.

  10. By the way Bill Parcells let Quincy Carter go which was the reason why he couldn't make it back to the playoffs.

  11. Don't pay Dak, the cowboys offered him a substantial amount, he turned it down, let him walk.

  12. PAY DAK!! Or let him walk and give the ropes to Cooper Rush

  13. Love ya James but Dak has been offered his money. He has earned between 33 to 35 mill. He doesn't deserve Rogers or Wilson money. The only QB in the league thats earned 40+ mill is Mahomes. Maybe we should ask Dak why are you shaking down the team and asking for more then you earned??

    I want us to sign Dak… but guess what? He couldn't throw us to one win against a playoff team and many times his yards were picked up in garbage time (No we did not have the best offense.) From the pats game on, in fact, he didn't look that good. I'm just keeping it real.

    Overpaying for players and signing bad contracts put us in salary cap hell. I don't wanna go back there again. The fastest way to avoid it is to have your QB sign a fair and reasonable contract.

  14. gtfo with the BS that Jason Garrett was calling plays.

    We knew before the season started, that JJ made Kellen Moore OC and playcaller, when Jason Garrett wanted to be.

    Jason Garrett has not been calling plays, since Tony Romo took over the offense and did that plays that he liked.

    Scott Linehan called the plays from 2016-2018 and had 13-3, 9-7 & 10-6 & playoff win with weaker rosters, and you idiots proceeded to call Scott Linehan a crap OC and also blame Garrett for the crap calls.

    Kellen Moore has a 8-8 season, and can only win 8 games with the #1 offense … and you idiots blame Garrett, Dak, Maher, the D or the ST coach for the losses.

    You refuse to believe 8-8 with a great roster is worse than 13-3 with a crap D, 9-7 with crap pass protection, or 10-6 with a crap OL for the first half of the season, the #22 offense and Dak being badly coached by …. Kellen Moore.

    Kellen Moore is a crap OC. This is a fact. Kellen is crappier than Scott Linehan. Again, you said Garrett interfered with plays with Linehan as well. But Linehan had 13-3, 9-7, and 10-6 seasons with crappier teams.

    GTFO with the BS defense of Kellen "is crap" Moore.

    The numbers don't lie.

    Look at Jason Garrett's record as an OC under Wade Phillips who is a D HC. Jason Garrett is a very good OC and playcaller.

    How the hell is Jason Garrett suddenly a bad playcaller when Linehan & Moore are the OC and stupid plays are called? LMFAO.

    Kellen Moore … is crappier than … crap Scott Linehan.

    Jason Garrett hasn't called plays since Romo took control of the offense, and only did plays he liked.

    Jon Kitna is the reason the Cowboys had the #1 offense.

    Kellen "is crap" Moore is the reason the #1 offense could only win 8 games against mostly crap teams, and the offense performed poorly for at least half of the games that they lost.

    Again. 8-8 with a great roster is not better than 13-3, 9-7, 10-6. Linehan is mediocre at best. But Kellen Moore is pure crap.

    The Giants have a very good OC and will dramatically improve their offense and Daniel Jones.

    Cowboys are once again stuck with Kellen "is crap" Moore … but this time the HC has made it clear that Kellen will be calling the plays. You idiots can no longer blame the HC for interfering with calls when the offense sucks.

    Fools. Kellen Moore called all the plays in 2019. JJ refused to allow Garrett to call plays. Kellen is indeed a crap OC and the reason the Cowboys sucked this season.

  15. All good Law… we were just messing with you. Same for us, once we post, use away ✭ GO COWBOYS!!!

  16. Who else can we get? Not easily replaceable so might as well. Give him, his Guarantees; 30million

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