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  2. During Players Lounge show on Cowboy website Danny Mc Cray talked about a Junior DB on LSU – #7 Grant Delbit. He went on to say he is the BEST and could be Safety. 6' 3" 203 lbs. Might be first rounder in draft next year. Cowboys can possibly move up in draft to get him. Mc Cray, Barry Church and Newy Scruggs were all in agreement Cowboys have secondary they had last year and had opportunity to make it to SB. In addition they added with the addition of Michael Bennett quite possibly will enhance Seconday's success. Church mentioned with D lineman pressure Secondary can play zone watch QB's eyes and get picks! QB's vision impaired makes it difficult to see where receivers are.

  3. Individually either of you {LAW BGJ} have the DALLAS COWBOY POWER!!!!!!!!!!! Combined! Downright DANGEROUS! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I realized this morning that I was traumatized by that Jet loss! I mean okay Saint game Da Boys should have won and GB as well! So those two derserving respect alright I get it! But when they lost to Jets! That got me! I had to distance myself from NFL! I was healing during the week before Philly game. After big win I'm better! BUT……….

  4. good thing you didnt get too excited big James.

  5. giving up 2 number 1's was too much.

  6. New intro/outro song is too fire law

  7. What's up with Donovan Wilson?

  8. Jerry is a business man.. Not a GM

  9. Everything you guys are saying is totally what Jerry Jones need to hear and need to move on plain and simple

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