Cowboys pick up Jamize Olawale’s contract option

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  1. He will be on special team's more.

  2. Did get some good running blocks for zek and that i remember

  3. Is it a done deal with olawale? Couse im all in , his highlights when in Oakland was nice . Another running back in a fullback body.

  4. He's a nice Size fullback With descent Speed that Can be Used in those different Passing game Package's, and in Some other Area's also if he's Coached'up the right type'a Way and fitted Into their Offensive Scheme of thing's the Proper kinda Way due to His athletic Abilitie's ! A new head Coach this Upcoming Season mean's that different Change's are On the Way in Big-D for Everybody that is Somebody….

  5. He sucks balls !!!

  6. olawale only full that could possible do it like back in the day!!!!

  7. Damn I was hoping for a new FB

  8. The fullback for San Francisco was one of their MVPs in the Super Bowl performance

  9. Olowale was a dawg in Oakland, we never used him though. He’s basically a RB/tightend

  10. if y’all wanna complain about a fullback?! and blame losses on a FULLBACK?!? y’all need to look in the mirror. we should never blame losses on a fullback. no matter what passes he dropped. a fullback MIGHT get the ball 5-10 times a season. Jamize is one of the best fullbacks and that’s just how it is. many fullbacks that block are to slow to even get open for a pas like Olawale.

  11. We don’t need a finesse fullback. We need a power back fullback 🤦‍♂️

  12. Everybody will remember Jamize play against Minn. because he was so wide open

  13. No sir…They need to go get Keith Smith back!!

  14. Dak is gonna be franchised tag

  15. Two bad signing's already in Olawaze and Redmond we need to get rid of these types of player's

  16. Law you listen to Rip Daniel's. Jz 94.5

  17. Jamize olawale needs to go unless they plan on using him a good bit if not hes taking up a valuable roster spot also he's like the least important piece on offense just doesn't make sense to keep him

  18. He missed them but he ran a good route.

  19. Daks weak lower body agility doesn't get him, in position to throw to guys like Jameze

  20. Signing this bum was a waste of space and money.

  21. Good point i been looking at our FAs from our previous coaching staff point of view. Im excited to see what mccarthy can do with this teams talent especially having a coach that can outcoach against winning opponents

  22. 🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦

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