‘Overrated’ Cowboys can’t compete with Rams or Saints – Matt Hasselbeck | NFL Countdown

Charles Woodson, Matt Hasselbeck, Randy Moss and Rex Ryan of Sunday NFL Countdown discuss the Dallas Cowboys’ 24-22 playoff win vs. the Seattle …


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  1. Yet we beat NOLA earlier in the season. Nice try.

  2. Cowboys=overrated
    Rams=Hella overrated

  3. HASSLEBACK???? now that's a name.

  4. Matt hassleback 3 time probowler 1 superbowl!! Dak check down Charlie preskott one playoff game choke.

  5. I’m LA but don’t like the rams

    Edit:because of how they play

  6. I guess the conehead knew what he was talking about. Haha !!! "We Dem Boyz" back in Arlington watching the Rams/Saints compete for a trip to the Super Bowl.

  7. Rams win, my Rams ran all over them overrated Cowboys.

  8. overrated cowboys good riddance

  9. woodson should not be betting or acting like he is so sure. matt hasselbsck is on the money

  10. Where are all these sorry ass cowboys fans at now???

    You damn right the cowboys are overrated. They’ve been overrated for 20+ years. Matt spoke the truth.

    Rams whooped the shit out of the cowboys yesterday.

  11. SKIP BAYLESSS PLEASE BA ha ha ha ha 2

  12. Cowgirls showed who they’re. Enough said. They got their asses handed to them. Couch time

  13. I agree with bald dude Matt. I predict Rams 30 Cowboys 22.

  14. Zeke had 47 yards on 20 carries , convince yet?

  15. Hasselback was right, whoops 🤔

  16. Exactly. The Boys suck.

  17. yea cowboys didnt stand a chance really. hasselbeck knows what hes talking about.

  18. How bout them cowboys

  19. Looks like Hasselbeck went from a hater to Nastradamus. Silly Dallas fans.

  20. cowboys in the coffin again tonight 😂

  21. Hassle was right cowboys trash

  22. Tamika Jackson Super Fan.
    Goo Cowboys Nation

  23. Keep talking, just keeeeeeeep talking!!

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